World’s Largest E-Commerce Conglomerate

World’s Largest E-Commerce Conglomerate


The world’s largest e-commerce conglomerate wanted to update the existing legacy systems as they were unable to scale the operations. The system could not be accessed using a smartphone or any off-network device, hence making it difficult for the employees to access it remotely. The client needed to transform and provide data in the required interface form. They were also required to change the business logic to interact with the upstream systems.

Proposed Solution

Our comprehensive proposal provided the users with the Workday implementation solution that addressed the various issues faced by the organization.

· The resolution allowed Workday to be hosted on AWS. This provided a secure environment that resulted in maximized productivity

· The migration of the core HR systems to the cloud using Workday provided the required access and allowed the employees to use it on-the-go

· The decoupling of core applications from the existing PeopleSoft HCM implementation helped in the closure of any functional gaps

· Enabled automation of the payroll batch process and generated the required files in any format as per requirement

· Decoupling integrations from PeopleSoft and rebuilding them in Batch Integration Framework (BIF) using AWS (Athena, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, DynamoDb, Batch, KMS, IAM, EC2, and S3) helped reduce various dependencies

Key Benefits

• Workday helped reduce the number of issues faced and also led to a decrease in the operational gaps

• The simplified system environment eliminated functional gaps

• Empowered employees with access to information easily

• The analytics helped drive intelligent decision-making

• Leveraging automation within the tool aided in reducing manual work

• The integration resulted in greater flexibility to generate files based on the customer’s needs

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