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Over 8000 businesses worldwide use Workday solutions underlining the popularity of the easy-to-use software. People Tech Group’s holistic methodology helps in adopting the Workday solution with a blend of modules and processes that helps address the workforce demands. In addition, the tailored solutions cover operational support that provides checks on any issues that could arise. Therefore, the support and management of the Workday services play a vital role in business operations.

Our Services

People Tech provides Workday Application Management and Support services across the entire range of Workday’s application stream.

Our flexible support model helps in optimizing and standardizing your Workday application lifecycle with maximum benefits. Our vast Workday capabilities and experience help organizations to focus more on strategic business priorities while reducing high costs and maintaining business continuity. Our services include:

Workday AMS Services


People Tech Workday Automation Practice

Workday has multiple features used by every type of organization or small, medium, and large businesses. But when you want to scale rapidly in managing your workday task, you need to integrate your workday with RPA and automate various tasks and business processes. People Tech expertise with workday automation brings seamless employee experience and allows HR to focus on productive business aspects to ensure continual growth. With Workday automation, we are helping organizations to make most of their HR tasks automated, including recruitment, onboarding/offboarding, reporting, reference letters and more.
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Industries We Cover

People Tech Group offers the best-in-class services for enhancing the Workday life cycle. People Tech Group has deep expertise with Workday, post-production support, and application management support for companies of all sizes and industries. Leverage People Tech Group to:



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