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Windows Virtual Desktop: Technology Empowering Businesses Amid the Coronavirus Chaos

How People Tech and Fyrsoft has helped City of Atlanta quickly implement Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) to allow its remote employees access to their business applications virtually on cloud.

The Wall Street Journal featured one of our clients, the City of Atlanta, and their response to the Coronavirus outbreak. People Tech and Fyrsoft teamed with Microsoft to help the City of Atlanta roll out work from home technology that are keeping their services running. They are leveraging remote work solutions that enable stable connectivity and continuity for employees working remotely from their homes.

The City of Atlanta has been under a ‘state of emergency’ for a week now; and its CIO, Gary Brantley said that they are leveraging Microsoft’s cloud-based tools to conduct virtual meetings and support work from home scenarios.

In this Wall Street Journal article Gary talks about Microsoft’s cloud-based tools that enable business continuity and virtual meetings. We worked behind the scenes with them making this a reality by enabling Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop for City of Atlanta’s employees allowing them to access their PCs on the cloud with connectivity to all Microsoft apps intact.

Organizations and corporations alike are leveraging remote work enabling solutions to keep the productivity up as we all take the measures to inhibit the coronavirus spread.

We at People Tech Group and Fyrsoft are using our deep expertise in Windows Virtual Desktop to help businesses retain continuity by offering secure connectivity and access to their remote workforces, especially in these distressing times.

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