What is Web Accessibility: Importance, How-to Guide, Tools, and More

Since the web has become the most vital resource that humankind ever produced, it needs to be free of all discrimination. The content creators must create accessible content for all, especially for the differently-abled population.

The differently-abled population occupies 15% of the total population but uses the web as much as their physically-abled counterparts. Making your content accessible for differently-abled makes them access it more straightforward and reap benefits such as:

  • Improved user experience
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Positive brand awareness

But that’s not all. Making your website accessible also gives you many optimization advantages. Having digitally accessible content helps you improve SEO and thus improve search rankings.

In this piece, we’ll shed some light on the importance and significant benefits of Web Accessibility.

Importance of Leveraging Web Accessibility

The W3C introduced Web Accessibility standards to open the web for people and open it for all.

The idea was to make the differently-abled population take part in web activities and improving life experience. Leveraging web accessibility helps in the greater good and helps the community.

However, producing digitally accessible content is helpful for companies to communicate better to a broader group of audience. Web-accessible content helps you increase customer satisfaction as it improves the overall user experience.

But how to make content digitally accessible? That is where different tools and service providers come to the rescue. Let’s discuss few important things to consider making your website digitally accessible.

How to Make Your Website Accessible?

There are a few on-page optimization changes businesses need to make to leverage web accessibility.

Here are a few things that businesses can improve to leverage web accessibility.


Language plays a crucial role in making your website digitally accessible. Having your website in multiple languages or declaring the language in the code helps you improve web accessibility.

Keyboard Navigation

It’s essential to make your website navigational with the help of a keyboard. A good website creator constantly tests whether all the aspects of a website are navigational using a keyboard.

Text Size and Color

Text is the heart of your content, and making it readable, visually appealing help make the relationship with any potential customer instantly.

Ensure that your text size is large enough to read and have the appropriate color combinations that people with color blindness can also use.


While keeping forms on your website, make sure that

  • Fields in Forms are navigational with a keyboard
  • All fields in Forms have their labels
  • Your Forms are accessible through mobile phone, and no zooming is needed
  • All Forms can be filled without the help of a mouse

Call to Action

All the call-to-actions (CTAs) should be correctly mentioned on the website to make them accessible.


There should be a flow of heading on your website. Avoid breaks in the flow to save yourself from getting penalized for not adhering to the web accessibility guidelines.

Web Accessibility Tools

Businesses can use specific tools to access the website performance in terms of web accessibility and make changes accordingly.

People Tech Group’s Accessibility Compliance Tool (PACT) helps you comply with the web accessibility guidelines in a unique, automated way. It also allows you remain compliant always with continuous maintenance and support.

Sign up to know more about People Tech Group’s accessibility services and how we can help you make your content accessible.


Web accessibility is crucial for the overall growth of the web and making it useful for all.

Adhering to accessibility guidelines and following WCAG terms help you make your content digitally accessible and save yourself from lawsuits companies face every day.

Contact us to leverage our accessibility services and improve your user experience and customer satisfaction with a unique approach.

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