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In the 21st century, automation has transformed many aspects of businesses, and RPA technology has advanced more traction. RPA plays a meaningful role in revolutionizing tedious human tasks into robot-managed automated tasks with software bots while making resources free to perform other high-end tasks.

RPA is rising as a disruptive technology across industries and is encouraging to speed up an organization’s digital actions constructively. RPA technology eases digital transformation significantly and brings quicker ROI with improved operational efficiency.

UiPath Test Suite is truly remarkable news for all software testers, business leaders, automation developers, and the RPA community, as it can bring unlimited benefits to organizations.

Why are most organizations moving towards Robotic Process Automation (RPA) testing today?

Quality Engineering is a mission-critical part of Software Development. That is why there is a strong push from the big enterprises from all domains to shift from manual testing to intelligent RPA testing processes. It helps in faster test automation and holds a competitive advantage in faster reaping of benefits. Unfortunately, there are few test-automation tools, but most of them have one or more deficiencies like the improper scope of applications and integrations, ineffective presentation to quality management, lack of effectiveness in defect tracking, and high code platform. As a result, defective software is getting published, bringing a lack of visibility into quality engineering. On the other hand, RPA tools can make testing and QA services 80% more efficient and productive and help leverage more features to the market faster.

Solution: UiPathTM Test Suite

Upgrade your automated enterprise testing practice using the platform UiPath Automation.

Establish an easy and productive testing experience by authorizing your test teams with all the tools they require to manage, automate, distribute, and execute their work: Test Manager, Studio, Orchestrator, and Test Robots.

The UiPath Test Suite combines tightly integrated tools to handle all testing needs. It accepts integration of any ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) tools of your choice, depending on your testing process. The high-level components are as below:

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