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The CIO Review Journal held an exclusive interview with CEO Vishwa Prasad, that has been published in the September 2014 issue. The talk focused on the strategy of People Tech Group, and that customers are indeed their top priority. Mr Vishwa Prasad emphasized on the ‘vicinity’ factor, and no wonder People Tech employees are seasoned to recognize customers’ needs before they are deployed locally for greater efficiency. Speaking further, he also shed some light on the roadmap ahead.

People Tech: Treating their Customers with the Highest Priority

By Benita M


In this time and era, managing the total cost of ownership and keeping systems and Oracle applications up to date has become an enigmatic task for many executives, as new Oracle solutions are coming forth on a continuing basis. The escalating demand for a reliable consultant, capable of managing the system upgrades for the companies to keep their business environment up and running commendably, has laid the foundation for People Tech.

Based in Bellevue, WA, People Tech is a maestro in ERP technologies, web-based technologies and clientserver computing, which is helping its clients with its integrated with experience in Implementation, Support Maintenance, and Upgrade of ERP applications in the areas of Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP. Initially founded to promote enterprise applications, today, People Tech, a renowned Oracle Gold partner, has a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions enabling customers worldwide to reach their business goals.

People Tech has a sizable inventory of customized analytical tools which are harnessed to accelerate the upgrading processcustomers worldwide to reach their business goals.has laid the foundation for People Tech.

Adapting to the Customer’s Business Environment
People Tech is known for its deep involvement in every project it takes. The company begins its operation with understanding the pain points of their customers first, followed by adapting to their business environment and incorporating standard practices into their business functionality and business process mapping. One of the core strengths of People Tech is its eminent Oracle solutions and integrating it into PeopleSoft, which the company is leveraging to empower its clients to compete effectively on a global scale by significantly improving application performance resulting in accelerated business growth. People Tech through PeopleSoft also offers range of services such as Human Capital Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, and Customer Relationship Management, among others.

People Tech has a sizable inventory of customized analytical tools which are harnessed to accelerate the upgrading process. The company has also developed data scrambling tools and mobile applications to tackle the challenges inherent with data security in offshore projects and approvals for enterprise applications

Staying in your Vicinity
Success of a company depends on its employees, and at People Tech this notion is taken fervently throughout all aspect of the company. In People Tech, individuals are encouraged to ask curious questions and to make customers their highest priority, before putting together the customer solutions. Teams are then deployed locally to the client’s office, which enables them to minimize the delivering time of solutions.

Amazon, Expedia, Port of Seattle, and Stanford University, are some of the companies scintillating the clientele of People Tech whom they enjoy long term relationships with.

Roadmap Ahead
In the coming months, People Tech is gearing up their focus on Automation, Cloud and Mobility. Apart from this, the company has made many robust plans for the imminent future. “We want to continue the focus CodeSmart (a subsidiary of People Tech) has built on serving public entities as well as their dedication to customer intimacy providing quality solutions to their clients. We intend to extend the brand and the good will associated with it into other markets and areas.” says Vishwa Prasad, President and CEO of People Tech Group.

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