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People Tech Group brings value to universities and colleges across the globe with meaningful partnerships that reduce student turn over by providing unbiased and science-based analytics to inform stakeholders and help them in data-driven decision-making.

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Identify At-Risk Students

Student enrolment numbers have fallen to 3.1% in 2021

Loss of 465,300 students compared to 2020

Dropouts can cause a 30% loss of student funds

77% decrease in required calls to students

Because of the pandemic and various associated restrictions, Student Retention has become challenging for universities.

Increasing dropout rates become a financial solvency issue for the university that ultimately impacts their ROI (Return on Investment)

Core of What We Do!

People Tech Group built an AI-powered data platform and prediction system that ingests data from multiple sources, identifies student behaviors, and delivers relevant insights and actionable data for exact decision-making with a self-service, web-based dashboard.

What Makes Us Exceptional?

Using Data as a Tool to Support University Success

Tracking students' progress and assessing the likelihood of them being successful versus dropping out. In addition, it enablesidentification of those factors that are driving an increase in that risk for each student, along with their relative importance and provide them academic/consoling support.

Descriptive Analysis from Predictive Models

The initial dataset used in the student dropout prediction and then based on our exploratory data analysis, we found out some of the important social determinants contributing toward the dropout rate in a university.

The predictive model specialized for each university situation and requirement

It is created using ML/AI algorithms that review historical data for the institution and its students, such as Student Enrolment metrics, Student Grades metrics, Course Curriculum/major metrics, Grants Management and many more components.

Student Level Scoring that identifies all those students with a high dropout risk

Our unique dashboard checks each student's level information using Prescriptive analytics to provide custom recommendations.Student risk metrics divided into 3 categories – Green: Low risk of Dropout, Orange: Medium risk of Dropout, Red: High risk of Dropout. In addition, it generates a personalized profile of each student, complete with characteristics, dropout risk, specific risk factors, and other information.

Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics to generate reports and recommendations

Using Predictive analytics to generate reports / dashboards using factors like Financial Aid received, Age, Ethnicity, Top 5 major courses and many more predictions. The recommendations are generated using the three factors of Prescriptive analytics -Academical, Financial & Demographic data.

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We are providing considerable benefits for higher education institutions:

Zero-cost PoC Features

Our Zero-cost proof of concept depends on different parameters, where universities can easily align with their existing student data.

markFirst step Remote Assessment to Unserstand current client business

markNext Assessment on backend Systmes

markConnecting the dots between two Disparate systmes

markExtract and buildStructure Data

markInstall IP Data Lakeand Build 2 Data Repositories

markGenerate 2 Dashboards

    Student Retention

    Curriculum Planning

Finally, create Proof of Concept on Student Retention

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