Human Machine Interface

People Tech Group’s extensive Automotive capabilities help develop next-generation
Automotive solutions to revolutionize the personalized in-vehicle experience.

Human Machine Interface

People Tech Group’s extensive Automotive capabilities help develop next-generation
Automotive solutions to revolutionize the personalized in-vehicle experience.
Product Engineering HMI Transfer

Transform the automotive world with intelligent solutions

People Tech Group offers intelligent, responsive, and high-performance Automotive solutions to enterprises to help them transform how personalized mobility is perceived. Our Automotive portfolio extends across a range of capabilities, from Automotive Electronics to the entire product engineering lifecycle–positioning us as the one-stop solution partner for customers with Automotive needs across the spectrum.

Why do we need HMI

Our Human Machine Interface (HMI) capabilities

Our HMI expertise covers the entire array of HMI services, from HMI design to rapid prototyping to development for production
HMI Design 
1. We deploy User Clinics to enable rapid testing and validate UI design
2. Our extensive research helps build graphic models that enrich User Experience
HMI Development
1. Our HMI development remains device and platform agnostic for extended supportability
2. We build reusable scripts to enable automation
3. Development expertise across Android Auto, HTML 5, and QT Windows
Behavior Simulation
1. We simulate interfaces that facilitate HMI interaction
2. Advanced analytics to analyze behavioral models
Rapid Prototyping
1. Advanced Automotive Setup to conduct rapid prototyping and validate UX design
2. Leverage IBM Rational Rhapsody to foster prototype modelling
3. Multifarious testing and validation methodologies

Our automotive solution capabilities

Connected car

Leveraging advanced technologies to create a cohesive driver experience with data-driven insights across the modern locomotion experience forms the core of People Tech Group’s Connected Car capability. With IoT, network sensors, the internet, and smartphones creating a web of connectivity bringing these components together for synergetic Vehicle-to-Vehicle (v2v), Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I), and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication mechanisms are what we help OEMs achieve for their automobiles in production.

Our connected car capabilities

Product Engineering HMI Car

Our connected car capabilities

Product Engineering HMI Analytics

Analytics in HMI

People Tech Group combines deep analytics and HMI expertise to leverage the former and deliver an enhanced, data-backed in-vehicle experience to drivers and intelligent insights about driver information to Automotive manufacturers simultaneously.

How we leverage advanced Analytics in HMI

Product Engineering HMI Analytics leverage in HMI
Product Engineering HMI Embeded system

Embedded systems

Our Embedded Systems expertise puts us on a pedestal to help Automotive manufacturers in the Automotive Electronics landscape, thanks to our matured and comprehensive suite of competencies built over the years and across enterprise implementations

Our Embedded Systems capabilities enable us to help Automotive players with the following

Energy Management

People Tech Group leverages smart energy solutions to aid modern automobile manufacturers with scalable, automated energy conservation and commercialization solutions. Our partnership with WHYGRENE, Inc. puts us in the driver’s seat to help innovative vehicle manufacturers with smart energy solutions.

We help smart vehicle manufacturers with the following

Automotive Center of the Future

People Tech Group has created valuable partnerships to pursue excellence in the Automotive space by incubating a center of excellence we call the Automotive Center of the Future (ACF). We have established the ACF to conduct deep, extensive, and transformative research and development on intelligent solutions enhancing In-Vehicle user experiences

ACF is focused on leveraging its valued partnerships to develop solutions around

Project DIAL – For Enabling a Personalized and Immersive In-Vehicle Experience with the Power of Intelligent Analytics

People Tech Group has partnered with AWS to leverage its AWS IoT Core platform and build an indigenous project DIAL solution.

Project DIAL helps Automotive OEMs derive intelligent & decisive analytics from in-vehicle data and driver interaction data to arrive at valuable insights into driver behavioral patterns. Ultimately, Project DIAL helps automotive manufacturers leverage such insights to optimize their HMI product & engineering efforts in terms of

Click Here to check out the demo video of Project DIAL and get a glimpse of how we help OEMs sell intelligent infotainment systems as part of their automotive line-ups.

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