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Moderwork Workday Implementing workday

Employee experience implementing Workday

Over 8000 businesses worldwide use Workday solutions, underlining the easy-to-use software’s popularity. Workday is designed to furnish a coherent and streamlined employee experience with less conflict and more engagement. 

People Tech Group’s holistic methodology helps adopt the Workday solution with a blend of modules and processes that helps address the workforce demands. In addition, the tailored solutions cover operational support that provides checks on any issues that could arise. Therefore, the support and management of Workday services play a vital role in business operations. 

The building blocks of Employee experience

Services and support for successful outcomes

The Power of Data

Workday has an architecture with a target data model at its core. This data model enables you better comprehend your people. It is also scalable and extensible, supporting workloads that direct processing recommendations for over 1 million users per hour. This flexibility releases the demand for IT coding and valuable modifications to the underlying data configuration in case of organizational changes.
Modernwork Workday The power of data
Modernwork Workday Process Orchestration

Process Orchestration

The Workday business process framework (BPF) allows IT and the business to sustain and tailor core business strategy flows using configurable templates. Organizations should consider Flow, integration, and simplicity when implementing an integrated system. Workday Orchestrate facilitates employee workflow and leverages the basic business process framework, integration cloud, object data model, APIs, and more.

Intelligent Automation

At Workday, ML is built into the bottom of our platform to help customers
All Workday ML solutions are designed using responsible development processes, with the privacy and security of our customers as a top priority
Moderwork Workday Intelligent Automation
Modernwork Workday Digital Workspaces

Digital Workspaces

Profound experiences and workspace touchpoints are interlinked. With the Workday everywhere program, we help our clients bring the Workday experience into places people spend their days—in collaboration tools, intranets, or even their browsers. As a result, workers can act quicker, find relevant information, get personalized help, and unlock the power of Workday from their favorite applications using workplace touch points.

Context and Content

With Workday, employees can digest curated, purposeful content at their speed and in whatever order works best for them, surfacing in the moments that matter—when they need it, where they need it, and in the context of what they need to accomplish. There are multiple ways
Modernwork Workday Context and content
Modernwork Workday Context and content

Extensible Platform

Workday Extend allows organizations to deliver new capabilities seamlessly, surfacing relevant data and tasks for employees right in their existing Workday Human Capital Management, Workday Financial Management, and Workday Student applications, as well as the employees’ home page. At people tech, we develop purpose-built platforms and tools from Workday that can be built, deployed, and managed from a central place with speed and confidence.

Workday Talent Optimization

Workday Talent Optimization integrates people, business, and talent data into a particular system, supporting you to attract, retain, and develop a workforce for whatever appears next.

Tap into skills and talent data
Control worker data to realize the full potential of your organization &people. Workday provides vital metrics on adoption, confrontation, and abilities, creating it easy for you to consider talent holistically and compare workers.
Empower managers
Empower a meaningful experience between the employee and employer. Workday makes it simple for your managers to capitalize on every worker's strength and retain top talent.
 Engage your people
Workday supports your workers at each stage in their career journey. With the Workday solution, People Tech helps their clients to develop a strong career foundation that offers career exploration, growth, & contribution
 Reach talent goals
With Workday Talent Optimization, your company can leverage an inventive solution powered by a skills foundation to maintain your performance enablement, career development, and talent pipeline.

Your trusted partner to solve business challenges

Easy adaptability

We help you play a pivotal role in today’s dynamic business world. Our adaptable Workday architecture enables you to move fast with industry changes and challenges. 

Decision empowerment

With one department source, people, and operational data, everyone can access real-time intuitions to make sound decisions.

Technology foundation

People Tech the objection is to bring innovation in all possible ways. We will deliver technology that fuels your advancement and upholds your data safely.

Support training

We present ongoing training to support your team’s success. We help you select the level of customer enablement that works for your budget and your business.
Modernwork Workday Challenges
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