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Transform your workplace with smart techniques and manage employees strategically with People Tech’s all new KRONOS workplace management approach.

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KRONOS’s new features develop innovative and powerful enhancements to the KRONOS workforce ready human capital management (HCM) suite to support employee development and growth, including employee perspectives, a real-time performance management tool to facilitate continuous employee feedback. With an advanced automated KRONOS solution, People Tech Group optimizes your workforce by tracking, managing, and controlling employee performance and helping them with round-the-clock feedback and updates.

Our KRONOS expertise

With specialized time and attendance offerings by KRONOS, we are here to help you with attendance management, payroll management and other HR related challenges-

Get a 360-degree view with KRONOS central suit


Real-time performance management for frontline workers for the future of workplace management


Succession planning helps groom top talent with new updates and support to reach the next level


Predictive scheduling compliance removes guesswork & more time to pursue high-value business activities


A reimagined user experience drives customer success and user adoption


New schedule stability regulations that help managers to enact schedule change requests


Workforce ready introduces position management by simplifying positions, jobs, and organizational structure

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People tech has built KRONOS expertise to provide scalable solutions to our customers to set a standard across the globe
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