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Organizations are now carefully thinking about who works, why, where, and how they should work. As a result, the modern workplace cumulatively brings a whole new framework that brings IT, Human capital, business leaders, and workplace culture under a single roof to generate sustainable value – and ultimately become more automated, people-centric, resilient, and agile.
Taking an oath of workplace modernization, People Tech Group is introducing its all-new solution to automate your workplace operation, engage employees, and become more resilient to the wave of digital workplace transformation.

Modern Work Expertise

People Tech expertise to modernize your
digital workplace solutions

Modern RPA


We are at the forefront of RPA technology with our list of service offerings, partnering…

End-to-end Support - PeopleSoft


We help customers with integrated software packages that assist in the day-to-day…

End-to-end Support - MuleSoft


Discover the building blocks of employee experience that you’ll require to make a successful…

End-to-end Support - Workday


A comprehensive, automated solution of artificial Intelligence (AI) and power…

End-to-end Support - Kronos


Transform your workplace with smart techniques and manage employees strategically…

66% of leaders consider redesigning office spaces for hybrid work and more tend to remote work

All-rounded support puts your digital workplace at the heart of your business evolution

Automate business processes

Reimagine your business processes leveraging Intelligent Process Automation and start your journey to become the automation first enterprise. Business process automation (BPA) is evolving faster than ever. At People Tech Group, we have built BPA capabilities, IPs, solutions, and digital workplace services to enable enterprises like yours to be automation first enterprises, delivering the full potential of your business processes

Modern Work Automate Business Processes
Modern Work Reimagine employee experience

Reimagine employee experience

We are here to help you create a personalized work environment and next-generation employee experience platform using our RPA capabilities and expertise in analytics. Our outcome-based solutions will allow people to manage their manual tasks automatically and support them to spend more time learning and improving engagement. It will help employees do their best, amplify human potential and drive enduring behavioral change.

Modernize technology ecosystem

Enhance and extend your workplace technology ecosystem to protect against attacks, support new ways of working and drive increased business value. We help you with advanced security features that can guide your end-point devices efficiently. We also support you in reconfiguring how work gets done and adapting work environments to sustainably improve customer experience (CX) and business performance.
Modern Work Modernize technology ecosystem
Modern Work Managed services approach

Managed services approach

We assist your business in automating your entire client and application provisioning lifecycle and automated systems management for all your desktops and devices. With deep expertise in Windows client technologies, system center configuration Manager, and add-ons, we can help your organization with large-scale deployments, automation projects, application packaging, and much more.

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