Embrace Cloud-Driven Transformation
A Gateway to Innovation and Growth

Embark on an unparalleled digital transformation journey as People Tech
and AWS strategically partner to seamlessly migrate to the cloud, harness
its power, and unlock new possibilities for innovation, scalability, and growth.

Embrace Cloud-Driven Transformation
A Gateway to Innovation and Growth

Embark on an unparalleled digital transformation journey as People Tech
and AWS strategically partner to seamlessly migrate to the cloud, harness
its power, and unlock new possibilities for innovation, scalability, and growth.
Creating a successful cloud strategy involves understanding how cloud solutions can benefit your business and meet your unique requirements. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of cloud migration for end-to-end digital transformation and growth. Through our Advance Tier Partnership with AWS, People Tech Group offers intuitive and modern solutions to help you overcome the complexities of the cloud. We work closely with you to identify and implement the right cloud strategy, enabling seamless migration and cost-effective modernization of legacy systems while ensuring security and agility.
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Our Services

Cloud Migration Discovery and Analysis

We specialize in strategic solutions that precisely align with your business needs. Through careful assessment of your unique requirements and strategic goals, we determine the best combination of public and hybrid cloud solutions for your cloud migration journey. Our expertise includes workload and application analysis, ensuring a successful transition to the cloud.
Coe AWS Cloud migration Cloud Migration Discovery and Analysis
Coe AWS Cloud Migration Cloud Migration Planning

Cloud Migration Planning

Our comprehensive analytical tools enable us to identify any necessary remedial methods. We prioritize dependencies to minimize costs, save time, and mitigate potential risks associated with your migration process. Our goal is to streamline the transition by providing you with a clear roadmap and actionable insights.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Drawing on the insights gained from our analysis, we uncover opportunities for growth. We recommend suggestions on how to frame an optimal cloud migration strategy that maximizes the benefits for your business. Our strategic approach ensures that your migration aligns with your long-term goals and objectives.
Coe AWS Cloud Migration Cloud Migration Strategy
Coe AWS Cloud Migration Cloud Migration Implementation

Cloud Migration Implementation

To facilitate a smooth and efficient transition, we leverage high-quality cloud management solutions. Our expertise allows us to seamlessly execute the migration plan, minimizing disruption to your operations. Additionally, we create a comprehensive transformational management plan, ensuring that your cloud environment remains on track and continues to deliver the desired outcomes.

Our Cloud Solutions

Coe aws Cloud Migration Public Cloud

Public Cloud

We specialize in securely building and managing on-demand IT infrastructure by leveraging the trusted cloud partner Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our expertise ensures a seamless transition to the public cloud, allowing you to take advantage of its scalability and reliability.
Coe AWS Cloud Migration Hybrid & Multi-cloud

Hybrid & Multi-cloud

Our integrated support enables efficient hybrid cloud management across various cloud providers. We help you navigate the complexities of managing a hybrid or multi-cloud environment, ensuring seamless integration and optimal resource allocation.
Coe AWS Cloud Migration Cloud Platforms

Cloud Platforms

Our cloud platforms offer cloud-enabled business solutions that are easy to deploy, secure, and activate. We provide enterprise solutions, such as SAP, that streamline your business processes and enhance productivity. Leveraging our expertise in cloud platforms, we enable you to maximize the benefits of cloud technology while ensuring data security and compliance.

Our AWS Cloud Capabilities

At PeopleTech, we possess extensive expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS), enabling us to provide a range of valuable solutions and services to our clients. Some of our key capabilities
Coe AWS Cloud Migration Test Drives

Test Drives

We have developed and curated a collection of test drives that are available free of charge for educational, demonstration, and evaluation purposes. These test drives allow users to explore and experience the capabilities of AWS firsthand, helping them make informed decisions about leveraging AWS for their specific requirements.

Coe AWS Cloud Migration Enterprise Applications Over Cloud

Enterprise Applications Over Cloud

We specialize in helping businesses migrate and run their enterprise applications on the AWS cloud. By leveraging the power and scalability of AWS, we enable organizations to enhance performance, optimize costs, and increase flexibility in their application infrastructure.

Coe AWS Cloud Migration Datacenter on AWS

Datacenter on AWS

We offer expertise in designing and deploying datacenter solutions on the AWS platform. Whether you require a hybrid cloud setup or a complete migration to AWS, we can assist you in building a secure and efficient datacenter environment that aligns with your business needs.

Coe AWS Cloud Migration Data Sharing

Enterprise Applications Over Cloud

Our AWS capabilities extend to facilitating data sharing solutions. We help organizations establish secure and efficient mechanisms for sharing data across different systems, platforms, and stakeholders, ensuring seamless collaboration and data accessibility.

Advantages of Cloud Migration

Faster Deployment Times
Built-in Status Monitoring
Greater Flexibility and
Collaboration for Staff
Enhanced Security Features
Automatic Backup and
Logging of Key Metrics
Reduced Footprint
(aka Data Centers)
Less Infrastructure Complexity
A “Single Pane of Glass” for Services
Improved Cost Management

Advantages of Cloud Migration

Migration &

Strategy & Portfolio
Stake Holder Interview
Design &
Transformation Roadmap
Cloud Operating Model
Change management
Proof of Concept(POC)

Migration &

Migration & Modernization






Service Model
Manage &
Cloud Operations
Cost management

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