Cloud migration with Microsoft

Kickstart your cloud assessments, time-tested modernization process,
and Azure solutions with Microsoft Azure Cloud Adoption Framework

Cloud migration with Microsoft

Kickstart your cloud assessments, time-tested modernization process,
and Azure solutions with Microsoft Azure Cloud Adoption Framework

Take your step to Azure cloud modernization

Leaving your business to the cloud is as much a business agreement as an operational one. Therefore, your Cloud Adoption approach must be extended to ensure that your business objectives are fulfilled.

We understand that a comprehensive modernization approach to the cloud involves data, server, and application modernization on top of a secure foundation. Therefore, people Tech associates our Azure proficiency with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework to educate you on your cloud journey, focusing on challenges at every step and bringing a fully justified and functioning cloud environment for your business.

What you can gain with Azure cloud & data modernization

Accelerate time to market 

1. Improve time to market by using fully managed applications and data
2. Quickly deploy apps using low-code application development 3. build on containers with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS),
4. Manage workstreams with Azure DevOps, 

Deliver innovative experiences at scale

1. Create personalized experiences for customers and employees with Azure ML
2.Get data-driven insights across applications, infrastructure, and databases 
3. Increase efficiencies, and deliver experiences quickly and continuously
  4. High-performance application and database modernization tools such as Azure DevOps and Azure API Management

Increase security and reliability

1. Keep workloads more secure with Azure security
2. identify problems in seconds using Azure Monitor
3. Keep databases up to date and automate tasks with Azure SQL Database
4. Focus on building apps, not managing databases

Modernize on your terms

1. Get the most value from the cloud with the application and data modernization
2. Accelerate innovation across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with Azure Arc
3. Organize, govern, and secure apps and data across data centers the edge and multi-cloud environments

Embrace the cloud with Azure Modernization Services

Rapid Server Migration

People Tech helps enterprises quickly migrate their on-prem servers to the Azure cloud while ensuring their server environments are unimpacted. We follow a 5-Step analytical approach, followed by thorough environmental assessment, comprehensive strategy setup, Azure environment setup, testing on the cloud, and implementation. In addition, we always ensure that your business leverages Azure’s wide range of capabilities, from agility & scalability to cost-effectiveness to multi-tier authentication protocols and other advanced security standards.

Modernization Azure Rapid Server
Modernization Azure Application

Application Migration and Modernization

People Tech embraces agile app modernization approaches to build scalable apps with Application modernization services. We build containerized applications and streamline workflows with Kubernetes and DevOps services. Modernizing your legacy applications brings many benefits, including agility, scalability, optimized management, security, and cost efficiency to your business. We understand your business objectives and devise a migration strategy for your applications that aligns with those objectives.

Data Platform modernization in 30 Days

People Tech has robust expertise in helping enterprises modernize their data platforms. Whether starting fresh with a new cloud environment or combining multiple data sources into powerful new insights, we can help you leverage Azure Data Services to modernize and transform your data platform in 30 days and reposition data as the backbone of your digitally driven business. A 3-step approach follows our 30 days modernization journey: Envision, identity, and scope (takes one week), Design & deploy, and validate & recommend (3 weeks).
Modernization Aws Database

Azure Database Modernization

Assess any knowledge environment, whether on-premises or on the cloud, and migrate with ZERO data loss. Entire migration support for all database elements and innovative techniques to modernize legacy databases. We start with evaluating requirements that confront stakeholders to understand the business objectives and help pick the right modernization strategy. Then, based on the specified goal, our cloud database specialists and application architects accomplish the modernization of the database and, if required, corresponding applications.

Process modernization

Process modernization assembles the tools in your business to gain operational capabilities that lower the total cost of ownership of your workloads. We propose embracing a DevOps methodology to modernize your processes. The DevOps methodology combines planning, development, delivery, and operations into a single channel. The integration authorizes teams to name the highest priorities in your organization and fix them together. The collective direction on what matters creates the most value with the least amount of work
Modernization AWS Platform

Azure cloud modernization framework 

Align business, people, and technology strategies to achieve business goals with an actionable,
efficient, and comprehensive guide to deliver fast results with control and stability.

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