A holistic approach toward
cloud modernization

Drive change at speed using proven methodology and expertise in
cloud modernization with People Tech Group

A holistic approach toward
cloud modernization

Drive change at speed using proven methodology and expertise in
cloud modernization with People Tech Group
Cloud&Data Modernization Journey

Measure Success and simplify your cloud journey

The rapid modernization advantages are transforming your legacy applications to something more adaptable, scalable, secure, and compliant. However, to virtually scale operations and accomplish cost efficiencies, it is essential to identify the cloud environment where processes and applications are best suitable to run.

People Tech’s cloud modernization services help to reduce physical resource requirements and expenditures and increase productivity for your organization. Let’s explore more.

Rev migration, contemporize infrastructure and
enhance cloud efficiencies

Align cloud strategy with long-term vision and achieve 108% ROI with modern applications & systems

Empower innovation

Empower innovation

Our infrastructure solution offers regular maintenance, security updates, and around-the-clock services. So now businesses invest more to protect their cloud infrastructure from security threats.

Updates & Security

Updates & Security

 Achieve 3.5 times faster cloud migration and gain agility by reducing business complexity

Increase agility & reliability

Increase agility & reliability

Eliminate the high licensing cost and achieve 30% average cloud cost savings with Cloud FinOps services

Reduce operating costs

Reduce operating costs

Adoption to DevOps best practices with using CI/CD for smooth release and upgrade

Best DevOps practice

Best DevOps practice

 Cloud-agnostic acceleration with lower risk and cost, and make most of your data secure

Reduce risk

Reduce risk

End-to-End Cloud Modernization Services

Application Rationalization

Streamline your existing application portfolio to improve operational efficiency, decrease complexity, and reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO). Our Application Rationalization solution specifies which applications you should refactor, re-platform, repurchase (drop and shop), rehost (lift and shift), relocate, retain, or retire.
Cloud&Data Moderization Rationalization
Cloud&Data Moderization Devops

DevOps Transformation

People Tech transformation service evolves your company’s culture, automation and tooling, processes, cooperation, measurement systems, and organizational structure. In addition, our DevOps transformation services result in a strategy for where and how your team can get involved and implement DevOps approaches.

Application Modernization

People Tech Application Modernization Services concentrates on assisting you to progress through your cloud adoption journey further migration – from evolving from a monolith to a microservice-oriented architecture to developing applications to bring the advantage of managed cloud services to enhancing software development lifecycles. 
Cloud&Data Modernization Application
Cloud&Data Moderinzation Database

Database Modernization

Your modern applications need modern databases. Database Modernization Services from People Tech transform your underlying database(s) to organized open-source databases and transition existing monolithic relational databases to purpose-built ones to support your modern applications.

Digital Strategy Advisory Services

We evaluate and align your cloud roadmap with long-term business plans to maximize the worth of your cloud transformation. Here we help you re-imagine new business opportunities, re-engineer your organization’s growth, embrace a unified approach to reinvention and scale your digital investment. The actual digital strategy also helps you speed up the time to value and create data insights.
Cloud&Data Modernization Services

Digital Managed Services

We employ automation to satisfy compliance needs, optimize management and fully realize the value of modern cloud infrastructure. People Tech helps clients streamline their IT operations, enhance performance, and drive innovation and growth over time with modernized cloud architecture and managed services.

Our cloud modernization roadmap

Now that you selected a reliable cloud modernization services provider, what’s next? Let’s look at each step of your cloud modernization journey—here’s an action plan for a cloud modernization journey.

People Tech Cloud modernization partners

Cloud&data ai azure

Azure cloud modernization 

Modernizing apps on Azure reduces costs & surfaces new opportunities
Cloud&Data Modernization AWS

AWS Cloud modernization

Evaluating modernization readiness for applications in the AWS Cloud

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