End-to-end cloud migration

Unleash the power of the Cloud with People Tech’s Cloud Migration Solutions

End-to-end cloud migration

Unleash the power of the Cloud with People Tech’s Cloud Migration Solutions
Cloud Data Migration Approach

Simplified your cloud migration approach to transforming organizations

People Tech’s cloud migration services help to reduce physical resource requirements and expenditures and increase productivity for your organization. With proven methodologies and approaches, innovative, user-friendly applications, time-saving factors, ease of access, reinforced security, and qualitative outputs drive the success of cloud computing and encourage non-cloud users’ hassle-free transformation from on-premise to cloud migration.

Key cloud migration types

Opening avenues for business by investing in the Cloud

Bring agility and flexibility

Cloud migration brings business agility and gives provision auto-scaling, which authorizes owners to increase or decrease the cloud services' requirements per their needs.

Simplified Infrastructure

Cloud services diminish the complications of infrastructure setup and relevant networks. It boils down to filling out blueprints and requirements and launching the necessary assistance.

Accelerated Deployment

DevOps practices become more accessible with the Cloud migration approach. It makes Software and application deployment a more structured task and eliminates server setup and OS installation. 

Improvised Security

With our Cloud consulting and migration approach, you can ensure security, keep hackers out of your data and apps, deploy automatic security updates and be safe from vulnerabilities. 

Enhanced Key Metrics Logging

Cloud migration helps you manage your key metrics logging by notifying you of updates. In addition, a backup can get you back into the flow of things disrupted due to an outage.

Zeroing-down Data Centers

Virtualization or cloud computing reduces the number of data centers that drain organizational space and the additional maintenance costs, including cooling expenses. 

Our capabilities

We help businesses in digital transformation and making a move to the Cloud through the right strategy, roadmap, workflow model, and ecosystem collaborations

Infrastructure Migration

People Tech cloud migration approach we help business migrate their data, information, or technology from one place, or system, to another. With our intelligent migration techniques, the safety of your infrastructure increases many times over than in conventional network structures. In addition, it can give you full-fledged scalability, cost optimization, and better system performance.
Infrastructure Migration
Platform Migration

Platform Migration

Platform Migration Services automates industrialized cloud migration using People Tech Cloud Migration Factory. Migration Workbench offers real-time visibility on migration progress and roadblocks, enables assembly line monitoring, and streamlines post- migration process. Our team has extensive systems integration and data migration experience to assist you in realizing the exemplary IT architecture for your business with data center consolidation services and migration services. 

Database Migration

People Tech Database Migration Service is a managed migration and replication service that sustains and moves your database and analytics workloads to the Cloud quickly, securely, and with minimum downtime and zero data loss. We help you migrate from legacy or on-premises databases to managed cloud services, modernize purpose-built databases, develop data lakes, and perform real-time processing on change data from your data stores.
Database Migration
Application Migration

Application Migration

With People Tech’s custom application migration services, we have helped businesses refactor & modernize, upgrade, and scale their business applications effectively. Our Application Migration Service reduces time-intensive, error-prone manual processes by automating the reorganization of your source servers to run natively on a customized cloud platform.

Our cloud migration process

People Tech Cloud migration partners

Infrastructure Azure

Azure cloud migration

Start your migration to Azure by discovering and assessing on-premises resources…

Infrastructure AWS

AWS Cloud migration

A comprehensive and proven cloud migration approach with AWS cloud migration services…

Why choose us?

Proven track record

Experience leading business application migration with thousands of outstanding projects that create actual client value.

End-to-end solutions

Our Dev experts hold extensive capabilities from strategy, industry & function, cross-technology, & managed services to solve any need.

Unmatched platform knowledge

People Tech has unmatched cloud platform knowledge and expertise on different industry lines in the market.

Multi-cloud feasibility

People Tech partners with multiple cloud providers that offer you extensive multi-cloud solutions and prevent you from the vendor lock-in
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