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Cloud Business application shaping your business

Shaping your business applications in the cloud

A cloud-native journey is more straightforward if you plan the right strategy per your organization’s needs. Many businesses have already embraced cloud computing technologies, from start-ups to large international companies, to begin their applications, accumulate their data, & automate processes. Yet, achieving a unique type of technology requires training personnel and setting up an effective troubleshooting system.

People Tech Group has the expertise to manage all your business applications under a single roof of cloud solutions. We are a long-time partner of leading cloud service providers (Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, PeopleSoft) that will help you manage to choose your cloud vendor and manage all your application to the cloud.

Why keep your business apps on the cloud 

Get real-time insights into cloud-native deployments with Cloud Native Visualization functionality and bring deep significance to your business right out of the box. In addition, the cloud infrastructure utilization payment model helps you go up or down to meet dynamic business needs.

Real-time insights and visualization

Real-time insights and visualization

Your organization will get dynamic performance monitoring tools within hybrid and native cloud environments. Specific contextual alarms and advanced AI-powered root cause analysis dramatically reduce time-to-resolution across any environment.

Supercharge application performance

Supercharge application performance

Observe application and business performance metrics in real-time to generate informed financing decisions and underscore confidence in cloud computing as a tangible operator of business purposes. 

Tie cloud & business success together

Tie cloud & business success together

A backup will ensure that your business doesn't experience long-term service outages if your primary service provider fails. Therefore, establish a strategy for creating, retrieving, and testing your backups.

Get a proper backup and
recovery plan.

Get a proper backup and</br> recovery plan.

Most businesses now consider cyber data crimes a severe security threat. But it has been tested and proven that cloud-based software increases data security. As a result, all your sensitive data under business apps are contained in a safe platform from any future risk. 

Enterprise-level data

Enterprise-level data<br/>security

The service provider updates cloud-based software to newer versions regularly. These automated upgrades save your IT staff time and money by eliminating the need for outside consulting.

Automatic software

Automatic software<br/>update

Our services

Cloud-native application modernization

Application modernization is upgrading applications and retreading them to work cloud natively. People Tech Group apply three approaches to modernize application in the cloud: serverless, containers, and re-platforming. Serverless architecture helps you perform automatic up- and down-scaling dictated by current workloads and demand. If any company comes to us with a specific software requirement, we go for containers as it provides complete control over programming language and runtime versions with containers. Finally, re-platforming helps to manage the legacy database to a modern platform. 
Cloud Business app cloud native
Cloud Business app upbuilding

App building at anytime

Cloud applications help our customers quickly build the apps they are looking for and the way they want. Using the latest technology stack, developers can get a new coding experience and focus on coding amazing apps rather than setting up and managing databases, deployment, scalability, and configuration. In addition, it helps organizations to lightning user experience and multiple available options from App exchange. 

Application customization 

People Tech helps you develop custom functionality within a cloud application – in many ways. It’s easier and less expensive than customizing traditional on-premises software. Custom Cloud application & web development Solutions help you migrate to the cloud and invent a new app from the roots. It designs with quality and versatility in consideration. On SaaS cloud platforms, we also have transformation and analysis solutions. Moreover, with Microsoft Azure solution, custom cloud computing delivers computing services—servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence, and the Internet. 
Cloud Business app application customization
Cloud Business app Lowcode

Low-code or no-code development

No-code low-code contributes to businesses’ problem-solving capabilities through rapid application deployment, enabling mobile applications to be launched into the market faster, develop, test, receive user feedback and implement software development upgrades on their applications. With pre-build custom coding, pre-packages templates, graphic design techniques, and drag-n-drop tools, we help citizen developers to build applications faster.  

Intelligent automation development

Enhance operations and exclude redundant tasks through business intelligence automation so employees can focus on value-adding activities. Data-based insights surface across applications through embedded automation, bringing users back to the center of it all and making the application more collaborative. With integrated AI solutions, we make the process even easier than before. 

Why choose us?

Proven track record

Experience leading business application implementations with thousands of outstanding projects that create actual client value.

End-to-end solutions

Our Dev experts hold extensive capabilities from strategy, industry & function, cross-technology, & managed services to solve any need.

Unmatched platform knowledge

People Tech has unmatched platform knowledge and expertise on different industry lines in the market.

Multi-cloud feasibility

People Tech partners with multiple cloud providers that offer you extensive multi-cloud solutions and prevent you from the vendor lock-in 
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