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Moving your business to the cloud is as much a business decision as an operational one. Therefore, your Cloud Adoption approach must be comprehensive to ensure that all your business objectives are fulfilled.
We have helped enterprise customers with a wide range of Azure migrations, and these experiences contributed to the Cloud Adoption Framework. We understand that a comprehensive migration to the cloud involves data migration, server migration, and application migration on top of a secure foundation. People Tech combines our Azure expertise with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework to guide you on your cloud journey, addressing challenges at every step, and delivering a fully validated and functioning cloud environment for your business.

Our Azure service capabilities

Rapid Server Migration

People Tech helps enterprises quickly migrate their on-prem servers to the Azure cloud while ensuring their server environments are unimpacted. We follow a 5-Step analytical approach, beginning with a thorough assessment of your existing environment, developing a comprehensive strategy, setting up the Azure environment, applying the lift and shift method, and enabling application testing on the cloud. We ensure that your business leverages Azure’s wide range of capabilities, from agility & scalability to cost-effectiveness to multi-tier authentication protocols and other advanced security standards. We also leverage Azure as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, depending on the business requirements. We also leverage Azure’s Disaster Recovery strategy with mechanisms like continual replication, failover-failback operations, and pre-built Analytics support to help derive meaningful insights from your data streams.
Cloud Azure Rapid Server
Cloud Azure Application Migration

Application Migration and Modernization

People Tech helps migrate and modernize your applications. We understand your business objectives and devise a migration strategy for your applications that aligns with those objectives. This includes taking advantage of modernization approaches like containerization and DevOps to drive more efficient operations in the future. An integral part of your digital journey is migrating and modernizing your legacy applications. Migrating your applications brings in a host of benefits, including agility, scalability, optimized management, security, and cost efficiency to your business.

Data Platform in 30 Days

People Tech has robust expertise in helping enterprises modernize their data platforms. Whether starting fresh with a new cloud environment or combining multiple data sources into powerful new insights, we can help you leverage Azure Data Services to modernize and transform your data platform in 30 days and reposition data as the backbone of your digitally driven business. A 3-step approach follows our 30 days modernization journey: Envision, identity, and scope (takes one week), Design & deploy, and validate & recommend (3 weeks). We understand the full potential of Azure and Azure Data Services. We have helped enterprises migrate their data estate to Azure and make an innovative leap forward, unlocking new insights and driving business growth.
Cloud Azure Data Platform
Cloud Azure SAP on Azure

SAP on Azure

People Tech helps you move your SAP Applications to Azure. We help ensure that your SAP estate makes the most of Azure’s best features. Our ‘Entirely on Cloud’ approach and our Microsoft partnership offer the most secure and quick migration with the round-the-clock cloud support you need for critical business applications. With Microsoft’s ahead-of-the-curve Azure expertise, your SAP on Azure yields maximum business potential. 

HANA is the only modern database that SAP will support in the coming few years. This is compelling enterprises to migrate their SAP applications to the HANA database to stay current. Azure is the best choice to implement your SAP HANA on as it enables intelligent scaling of hardware in contrast to on-prem servers as businesses grow. 

Remote Work with AVD

We have helped many enterprises adapt to the ‘new normal of remote work. Our rich, first-hand development experience with Microsoft on Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) has allowed us to roll out AVD to businesses of many sizes and forms. We are ultimately helping them enable a secure, seamless ‘remote work experience for their employees and extending the life of legacy applications. People Tech has invaluable experience partnering with Microsoft on AVD with its Product Engineering team through various stages of product evolution. Our first-hand knowledge of working on AVD puts us at a unique vantage point. Bundled AVD + Microsoft 365 toolkit It helps manage your expenditure by offering absolute control over your AVD environment Enables real-time virtualization to identify and resolve issues quickly Intelligent auto-scaling of your cloud utilization Automatic data backups to allow quick recovery from disasters
Cloud Azure Remote Work with AVD
Cloud Azure Cloud Foundations

Cloud Foundations

You know the way forward for your business is on the cloud. Cloud Foundations from People Tech provides best practices and processes that securely unlock business value on your journey while you ensure governance and compliance are maintained. In addition, people Tech has identified mission-critical components for any business to move to the cloud. Our MC3 offering helps organizations configure these mission-critical components on the cloud to leverage the benefits of the cloud quickly and efficiently. Microsoft Azure Commercial (MAC) Tenant Azure Foundations Pattern (AFP) for Microsoft Azure Commercial (MAC) Hybrid Cloud Connectivity (HCC) Resilient Identity Pattern (RIP)

Azure cloud Adoption framework

Align business, people, and technology strategies to achieve business goals with an actionable, efficient, and comprehensive guide to deliver fast results with control and stability.
Define strategy

• Understand motivations

• Business outcomes

• Business justification

• Prioritize project

• Digital estate

• Initial organization alignment

• Skills readiness plan

• Cloud adoption plan

• Azure readiness guide

• First landing zone

• Expand the blueprint

• Best practice Validation

Adopt (Migrate)

• First workload migration

• Expanded scenarios

• Best practice validation

• Process improvements

Adopt (Innovate)

• Innovation Guide

• Expanded scenarios

• Best practice validation

• Process improvements

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Remote Work Management with Azure

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