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Content contains an incredible depth of information. People Tech Group Empowers NLP Models to decipher human language with state-of-art AI-focused Text data Solutions. We correctly process textual data with extraordinary detail and deliver severe logistical challenges—primarily to uphold global projects with unique data needs.
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Text Data Collection

Our cognitive Text data collection services give organizations the key to unlocking critical information deep within unstructured text data and enabling the automation of manual processes. Our services cover a wide variety of text data collection services starting from Receipt Data, Ticket Dataset collection, EHR Data to Handwritten Data, and many more.

Text Annotation/ Labelling

Our text annotation offerings create exhaustive, detailed, and unique data sets to fit right into your inventing ML & NLP prototypes. With us, you don’t need to worry about the perceptive abilities of your ML setups, as our AI training data offers you to interpret responses, semantics, and even sentiments.
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Text Data Moderation

People Tech’s content moderator provides tight text quality control across diverse enterprise use cases, from reviewing documents for regulatory compliance to monitoring real-time text intake pipelines.
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