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AdWords is the service advertisers use for the online promotion of their content, brand,website, etc. The primary purpose of Ads annotation service is to get the right product for right customer and encourage them to buy the same. It ultimately boosts the online target market for your business. PeopleTech’s customized ads offerings aligns with your specific business objectives while respecting user privacy and upholding high data security standards.

AdWords offerings

With our best Ad Relevance feature, we help you appeal your messaging to your targeted audience and help you grow exceptionally to more and more niches of customers. For example, if you search for red party shoes and messaging will look like
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Map Annotation & Labelling

Our annotation and labeling processes mine insight from raw maps, with elite quality & densely integrated data for providing a location-rich foundation for other enterprise applications. Our geography-savvy ML models analyze maps’ subtlest characteristics to manage large-scale projects.
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Map Data Moderation

Smart automation and pre-built robust data pipeline templates enable efficient handling of map -data even at a massive scale. We always ensure that user-submitted locations and directions do not run afoul of content policies.
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