Develop a Proof of Concept

mark Conventional Process Automation vs RPA

mark How Machine Learning and AI can take RPA to the next level (IPA) See IPA Continuum Framework for more details.

mark Front Office (Attended) vs Back Office (Unattended)

mark dentification of RPA Use Cases

mark Development and deployment of Proof of Concept (PoC)

mark Develop and present an expansion road map for more ROI (See End to End RPA/IPA Solution Offering below)

End to End RPA Solution Design, Development and Deployment

markFeasibility Analysis

markDesign Infrastructure Architecture (In parallel)

markOptimize UiPath Licensing (In parallel)

    mark Understand client Requirements and make recommendations on license purchases to minimize license costs to get maximum productivity.

    mark Design and implement an optimal licensing solution for Orchestrator, Studio, Robots (Attended (aka Front Office) and Unattended (aka Back office), Non-Production across Named User vs Round Robin licensing.

markPrepare Process Definition Document

markPrepare Solution Design Document

markDevelop the Bot

markIncorporate Reusable Component Architecture

    mark Identifying Reusable Components

    mark How to make it easy to find and reuse Reusable Components

    mark Naming Conventions

    mark Reusable Component Catalog

    markBuilding and Deploying Reusable Components

    markUsing existing Reusable Components

    markBringing in a cultural change in the team to embrace Reusable Component Architecture

markBot Development

markCreate Test Data

markTesting and recording

markBug Fixes

markSchedule and/or

markFront Office Robots (Attended) Deployment to Users PCs

markUnderstand your existing RPA processes

markDesign and optimize Infrastructure (Either On premise or Cloud)

markSetup and configure the entire network (including Firewalls, Load Balancing, High Availability Robots, Zone Trust, Analytics and so on.)

markIdentifying a Sponsor

markIdentifying Participants

markMeeting Schedule

markTopics to discuss, share and learn

markBest Practices in Naming conventions and Coding standards






    markReusable Components Architecture

    markActivities and Properties Defaults

markStorage on Vault vs Local Machine vs Runtime Collection in real time

markVault Choices

    markOrchestrator Default (SQL Server) vs

    markMicrosoft Azure Vault vs

    markCyberArk Vault vs


markRobot Credentials

    markDigital Labor Credentials vs SME Credentials

markAsset Credentials

markSecure Assets

markNative and 3rd Party Vault Vendor integration (Azure Vault and CyberArk Vault)

markDevelopment of Plug-In for non-integrated vault providers (other less known such as Thycotic vault)

Operations and Maintenance Support

markInfrastructure Maintenance

markAuditing services for Best Practices and/or Reusable Component Architecture Implementation

markProcess Discovery and Ideation

People Tech Group Systems Methodology