Prophecy – Meet your forecasting needs with the power of Machine Learning

A comprehensive, automated solution of its own kind to help derive near-accurate predictions for your business growth.

Organizations rely heavily on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to unlock rich insights their data estates can produce. People Tech’s Prophecy, a complexity-free managed forecasting solution, is built to cater to all domains with built-in machine learning models that make it incredibly easy to leverage data and derive insights.

Prophecy in a nutshell

An automated tool that allows data experts to perform multi-domain forecasting without the underlying complexities of developing machine learning models and statistics.


What Prophecy offers to your business


Prophecy is a managed forecasting solution that creates end-to-end automated pipelines to make predictions for any specific domain. Prophecy comes with turnkey Machine Learning models available for immediate and easy leverage by the end-users. Additionally, Prophecy has automated data pre-processing and data quality checks across the pipelines. The output can be produced in multiple file formats and instantly visualized through any Business Intelligence software.




Here’s how you leverage Prophecy…

Prophecy is a sophisticated and easy-to-use solution that requires little to no Machine Learning or Statistics experience for users to access. Furthermore, Prophecy has a built-in model selector that allows users to choose from several forecasting models. It supports multiple Cloud storage service solutions as inputs. All the users need to do is provide datasets in specified schemas, and the tool will handle all the forecasting.



Prophecy’s clear edge in the Forecasting market


Prophecy is built on superior machine learning models that help businesses leverage data to generate at least 30% more accurate forecast results at 2X the pace of leading forecast competitors.

A snapshot of the Prophecy’s value addition to businesses:

    • 2X faster forecast turnaround times than the leading competitor
    • Improved quality & accuracy of forecast results by 30%
    • Quick, comprehensive, and intuitive forecast reports
  • Fully automated data and forecast pipelines
  • Data quality validation mechanisms throughout forecast pipelines
  • Automatic model selection


Prophecy for your business growth


Data can unlock insightful answers to crucial questions businesses grapple with. Understanding and forecasting future business outcomes can reap untold benefits for your organization in terms of cost, overhead, and new business opportunities. Prophecy empowers your data to help you derive data-driven decisions. With its multi-domain functionality, you can leverage Prophecy for business areas such as supply chain, operations, budgeting, etc. Prophecy helps organizations realize and draw new business insights and value through an automated and easy-to-use solution.




A sneak peek at Prophecy’s clear edge over a forecasting industry leader



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