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All about the User Meet

Wednesday, November 29, 2023 9:30 AM (IST)

People Tech Group, Hyderabad

User Meet Objective (s)

The primary objectives of the User Meet were to foster networking, discover and share industry challenges related to Workday implementation, post-implementation issues, resource needs, and day-to-day challenges. Additionally, the session aimed to cover the latest concepts and features provided by Workday, emphasizing knowledge-sharing on Adaptive Planning, and Prism Analytics—an area of great interest and relevance to organizations globally.

Relevant target profile:

HRIS & HR Managers, VP (Human Resources), Workday Expert, Workday Solution Architect, Director (Human resources), IT & ERP Team (C-level, VP, Director, and Managers)

What Have We Covered?

The gathering began with an introduction to networking and discussing Workday implementation issues. Participants engaged in conversations about newer technologies, with a specific concentration on Adaptive Planning. This session touched upon essential topics like finance, budgeting, personnel planning, and operational planning—providing attendees with knowledge on effectively utilizing the most advanced Workday features

Challenges Discussed:

At the event, one of the presenters, Phanikrishna, Sales Manager at People Tech Group, initiated discussions on challenges faced during the transition to Workday, prompting attendees to share their experiences.

Challenges ranged from resource problems and integration issues to support requirements for Workday management, AMS services, and the security features of Adaptive Planning. Attendees also raised concerns about non-adaptive planning challenges, including building Centers of Excellence, competency development, integration with LinkedIn, reporting issues, and transactional processes.

Challenges Discussed:

Recognizing the pain points of customers, People Tech put forth into providing solutions. Adaptive Planning, a relatively less-known concept in India, took center stage. The team shared insights on how to subscribe to Adaptive Planning, leverage it, and enhance its security features. The standout solution presented was automation, streamlining operations, enhancing visibility, and integrating managed services and resource support. It addresses challenges like report purging, security management, and automating repetitive tasks.

People Tech declared its availability to perform Proof of Concepts (PoCs) for Adaptive Planning or Prism analytics and Automation at a minimal cost, allowing customers to experience the value of these solutions before making any higher level commitments.

Host details

phani krishna

Phani Krishna

Sales Manager
Arun Shukla

Arun Shukla

Associate Director Enterprise Solutions

Boilerplate – About the Host

People Tech Group integrates Workday seamlessly, transforming businesses into strategic advisors.
With 30+ global Workday experts, we drive tangible outcomes, maximize ROI, and provide end-to-end support. Our internal use ensures tailored solutions for your business transformation.

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