This Online Virtual Workshop will use Microsoft Teams. If you do not have it, you can download it here

Meet Microsoft and People Tech's Subject Matter Experts on Workday and Microsoft Power Platform to achieve more with your Workday infra.

In today's world, companies face challenges in humanizing business processes and continuously improving employee engagement, development, and retention. In the post-pandemic landscape, human resource leaders will need to consider transformative ideas to hire and maintain people to ensure strategic priorities for 2022 and beyond.

In this Microsoft-sponsored Virtual Workshop, we will provide deeper insights into how Teams and Power Platform can enable companies to go beyond out-of-box Workday and create a "People First" culture that allows employees to do more while staying connected to their peers.

Why Should You Join?

The industry is going through massive changes in regard to the new workplace landscape Post Pandemic. As a result, the HR industry is struggling too learn how to solve some of these new pain points.

  • Quantifying The Scope Of The Problems
  • Automation In HR Process
  • Prioritize Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Analytics to Predict Skill Needs
  • Repositioning the Brand Value
  • Recognition & Reward Employees
  • 360-Degree Feedback Loops
  • Crowdsource Decision-Making

Who Should Join?

This Workshop will be most beneficial for people in these Industry Roles

Agenda for the Virtual Focus Group Discussion

  • Sharing Industry Trends Among Your Peers
  • Demo Presentation on Industry Use cases
  • Microsoft Automation Presentation

(Presented by Hemanth Gaur, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft)

  • Plan for the Art of the Possible for Your Organization

(Presented by Shashi Koteshwara, Managing Partner and Head of Customer Solutions, People Tech Group Inc)

  • Key Learnings from The Industry

(Your Industry Peers)

  • Explore POC Scenarios and More Understanding Through Q/A Sessions

(Panel discussion)

What You'll Get?

What is Expected from You ?

3 Step Process, "Focus Group Discussion" to "Art of the Possible" HR Workshop and "Building the Action Plan"

After the Focus Group discussion, the next step in the process is to nominate your team member to participate in one-on-one Microsoft-Sponsored Art of the Possible Workshop for a deeper dive

Total Duration: 4-6 hours

Meet Our Speakers

Hemanth Gaur

Principal Program Manager

Product Manager and owner of Microsoft Power Apps component framework and Design Infrastructure for 14+ years.

Warren Lubow

Director of Business Development and Sales
at People Tech Group

Over 20+ years at the Executive Level in Business Development & Sales in the IT Industry

Shashi Koteshwara

Managing Partner and Head of Customer Solutions

Worked with Fortune 500 companies including DuPont, Alcoa, Microsoft, CISCO, and GE in providing end to end IT solutions.

Venkat Narayanan

Principal Architect - Data and Analytics
at People Tech Group Inc.

29+ Years of hand-on experience in Enterprise Architecture, Big Data, Warehouse, BI & AI

Surya Avantsa

RPA Practice Director
at People Tech Group

A proven technology leader, recognized IA Technology, Process, & Software Solutions expert over 10 industries.

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