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The financial services industry has experienced a definite shift for many years now. By 2025, Enterprise data is expected to grow to 180 zettabytes! In fact, mining big data is the new gold rush of the 21st century. Organizations with robust data processing can react quickly to changing market conditions, explore new business models, and leverage their data to customize product offerings. Therefore, a promising IT infrastructure, data management, and warehousing are essential in the financial sector to process and analyze large amounts of data and make a finance operation understandable and transparent.

Learn how People Tech can help your organization navigate big data hurdles to deploy best-in-class big data analytics processing and reporting via Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI.

As a Microsoft gold-certified partner, People Tech is at the forefront of the big data analytics revolution. Our 2000+ professionals and industry specialists can help your organization navigate the hurdles of big data and shift to a data-first culture.

Challenges of finance institute in 2023 2023 Data & Analytics Trends of Fintech(*Gartner) Technology Trends in Finance Technology Trends in Finance
Delivering unified customer experiences
By 2025, data stories will be the most widespread way of consuming analytics
Dynamic data storytelling is replacing traditional predefined dashboards
Dynamic data storytelling is replacing traditional predefined dashboards
Dynamic data storytelling is replacing traditional predefined dashboards
Augmented analytics techniques will automatically generate 75% of data stories
Augmented data management
Metadata management solutions will further organizations’ understanding of data and enable finance to execute automated data management.
Keeping up with AI & analytics into finance
By 2023, augmented data management will reduce repetitive and routine data management tasks, freeing up to 20% of resource time for more productive and high-value analytics tasks
Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics
AI and NLP will automatically analyze data and generate insights in a narrative format. Process in singular platforms that incorporate multiple capabilities across the data life cycle, from data entry and storage to analysis and AI and ML.
Fragmented data, silos, poor data management and tracking
50% of CFOs plan to accelerate digitalization, automation, and other new ways of working
Data Architectures: Data Fabrics, Data Lakes, Data Mesh, Data Warehouse
Easing data woes and creating tangible business value through Data Virtualization and visualization.
Data breaches and cybersecurity
By 2023, 95% of Fortune 500 companies will converge analytics governance into broader data and analytics governance initiatives.
Convergence of data and analytics platforms
Establish suspicious user behavior that prevents and detects fraud attempts. Analytical algorithm for detection of risk in granting credits and making a correct decision.
Staying regulatory compliant
By 2022, public cloud services will be essential for 90% of data and analytics innovation.
Pervasive cloud deployment
A greater share of finance data will be managed through cloud applications, furthering the decentralization of data and analytics capabilities.

Analytics & AI play a pivotal ​role in Finance in times of crisis



The outcome of the workshop

People Tech and Microsoft partnership is here to help you effectively utilize data and analytics to build a resilient business​.

Our analytics approach

Emilia Clarke
Azure Synapse Analytics Solution

Azure Synapse analytics
A recent Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study published by Forrester claims that Azure Analytics technologies and Power BI achieve a 270% return on investment for customers and increase customer satisfaction by 60%.
Azure Synapse gets a lot more enhancement with-
1. Azure Synapse Runtime for Apache Spark 3.3
2. Apache Spark Delta Lake tables in serverless SQL pools
3. Apache Spark elastic pool storage
4. Azure Synapse Data Explorer and a lot more
Azure Data Bricks | Azure Data Lake

Emilia Clarke
Azure Data Bricks
Azure Data Bricks provides the latest versions of Apache Spark and allows you to seamlessly integrate with open-source libraries. In addition, the solution offers a fully managed Apache Spark environment globally and helps you integrate all analytics features with Azure.
1. One platform for contributing to the growth and development of business
2. Single data store - Introduction of data Lakehouse
3. Enables modern analytics workloads with AI/machine learning ​
4. Suitable for all data sizes and cost-efficient
View Our Case Study
Emilia Clarke
Azure Data Lake
Azure Data Lake solution represents the use of a data lake that is separate from the data. The solution gives way to modern data-driven organizations to store and analyse massive data sets of “colder” data that don’t necessarily belong in the data warehouse.
1. Allows to import any amount of data that can come in real-time
2. Real-time streaming data from source systems.
3. Allows to import any amount of data that can go in now real-time ​
4. Allows organizations to generate different types of insights, including reporting on historical data
5. Ability to store all kinds of structured and unstructured data
6. Elimination of data silos
View Our Data Lake Solution Case Study
View Our Data Lake Solution Accelerator for Low Latency Data Processing Case Study

Power BI

We are building compelling visuals with accessibility top of our minds. You need the right tools and creating interactive and fully featured network graph visualizations will become a breeze

Zoomchart enhancements

ZoomCharts Drill Down Network PRO is a custom visualization for Power BI that you can use to create an interactive and easy-to-navigate network chart. To get started, download the visual from AppSource and add it to your Power BI report. 
powerBi Zoomchart
PowerBi Synapse

Power BI integration with Synapse

ZoomCharts Drill Down Network PRO is a custom visualization for Power BI that you can use to create an interactive and easy-to-navigate network chart. To get started, download the visual from AppSource and add it to your Power BI report. 

What We Do

People Tech’s big data experts will partner with your team to evaluate the current state of your data architecture and develop a robust analytics strategy to maximize data efficency.

Inputs from you 

We need detailed information about your company to help you with a successful analytics and Power BI approach.

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Workshop Approach

Workshop Approach

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Strategy Plan

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