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Case Study
Unlocking Revenue Streams and Operational Efficiency: Monetizing DERs with AWS-Powered Solution – A Data-Driven Case Study

Unlocking Revenue Streams and Operational Efficiency: Monetizing DERs with AWS-Powered Solution - A Data-Driven Case Study

The client, a company focused on monetizing Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) as Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), partnered with People Tech to develop a desktop and mobile application. Leveraging proprietary blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), the application enabled the implementation of a scalable Transactive Distributed Energy Resource Management System (TDERMS). The client’s secure energy management application opened new revenue streams for utilities and facilitated large capital expenditures in areas such as EV fleets, data centers, and fulfillment centers. This case study highlights the problem faced by the client, the solution implemented using AWS services, and the achieved results.


The client required a robust and secure energy management application to effectively monetize DERs as VPPs while ensuring smooth energy demand curve management. The existing infrastructure posed limitations that hindered the creation of new revenue streams and efficient management of large-scale capital expenditures. A solution was needed to address these challenges and enhance the functionality and security of the client’s application.


To address the client’s requirements, People Tech developed a comprehensive solution using various AWS services. The following components were implemented to improve the client’s application UI and backend:
EC2 Clusters: EC2 clusters were deployed to handle computation, transactions, and customer operations. This provided the necessary computing resources and scalability to efficiently manage energy-related operations. S3: The application’s UI contents were stored in Amazon S3, enabling seamless web display and efficient content management. This ensured a smooth user experience while accessing the application. Aurora: Data related to electric vehicles, charging stations, personal information, and account details were securely stored in Amazon Aurora. This highly available and durable database service ensured data integrity and accessibility for the client’s operations.


The implementation of the AWS-powered solution for the client’s energy management application yielded significant results, enhancing functionality, scalability, and security. The following outcomes were achieved:
New Revenue Streams:The secure energy management application developed by People Tech enabled the client to create new revenue streams by effectively monetizing DERs as VPPs. This expanded the client’s business opportunities and improved financial performance.

Streamlined Operations: The utilization of EC2 clusters and AWS services optimized computation, transactions, and customer operations, resulting in streamlined energy management processes. The client could efficiently manage the demand curve and enhance operational efficiency.

Enhanced User Experience: Storing UI contents in Amazon S3 facilitated a seamless web display, improving the overall user experience. Users could access and interact with the application effortlessly, leading to increased satisfaction and engagement.

Robust Data Management: The use of Amazon Aurora ensured secure and reliable storage of critical data, including EV information, charging stations, personal details, and account information. This enhanced data integrity, accessibility, and protection, enabling the client to operate with confidence.
The implementation of an AWS-based solution provided the client with a secure and reliable ecosystem to manage its large financial data. The successful migration, deployment of EC2 instances, implementation of Amazon RDS for data security, and the resulting benefits demonstrated the effectiveness of the chosen solution in meeting the client’s requirements.

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