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Case Study
Trimble Inc – ONESOURCE Determination Salesforce Tax Connectors

Trimble Inc - ONESOURCE Determination Salesforce Tax Connectors

Trimble Inc faced challenges in integrating ONESOURCE with their Salesforce platform to streamline their order-to-tax process. They needed a suitable system integrator to ensure tax and audit compliance. This case study explores the problem faced by Trimble Inc, the proposed solutions by People Tech, and the resulting benefits.


Trimble Inc encountered several challenges in sales tax compliance within their Salesforce system. The native Salesforce tax engine relied on fixed rates, making it difficult to adapt to changing tax laws. Manual and labor-intensive tax audits for the quote-to-cash (Q2C) process added complexity. Reconciliation and integration of tax data with the general ledger (GL) posed significant challenges.


To address Trimble Inc’s tax compliance needs, People Tech, acting as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), offered comprehensive Audit and Tax compliance solutions across their product catalog. They proposed and developed the ONESOURCE Determination Salesforce for Sales Cloud, incorporating the following features:
Built on the Salesforce App Bundle framework.
Address validation for the quote-to-cash (Q2C) process.
Management of exemptions at both the product and customer levels.
Reconciliation reports ensuring accurate GL posting to the ERP system.
CRM capabilities to support tax calculation at various stages:
  • Itemized tax rates for Opportunity, Sales Quote, and Sales Order.
  • Shipping address validation for accurate tax calculation.
  • Configuration of tax exemptions for customer accounts.
  • Aggregated tax calculation for entire sales orders.
  • Export of Indirect Tax Reports.


The implementation of People Tech’s ONESOURCE Determination Salesforce Tax Connectors yielded significant results for Trimble Inc:
  • Simplified setup and a flexible tax engine within Salesforce.
  • Support for both Classic and Lightning Experience interfaces.
  • Accurate tax calculation across CRM, CPQ (Configure Price Quote), and Billing processes.
  • Enhanced tax calculation capabilities, including inclusion of freight and non-inventory items.
Trimble Inc’s collaboration with People Tech successfully resolved their integration challenges and improved their sales tax compliance within Salesforce. The implementation of ONESOURCE Determination Salesforce Tax Connectors provided simplified setup, accurate tax calculation, and seamless integration with CRM, CPQ, and Billing processes. By addressing the manual and labor-intensive aspects of tax audits and ensuring compatibility with changing tax laws, Trimble Inc achieved greater efficiency and compliance in their order-to-tax workflow.

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