Synapse Migration Project​

Business Problem

American Timberland company currently uses on-premise database solution

Current Data Assets​

  • 4TB Data, 50+ databases, 150 SSIS jobs
Issues with On-Prem solution
  • Attunity: Need to spend and maintain a 3rd party tool​
  • Not easily scalable, needs user intervention to scale infrastructure​
  • Supports only structured data​
  • No out-of-the-box ML or AI solutions​


Moved on-prem resources to cloud before migrating to Synapse

​Synapse Assessment​

  • Integration with external data sources​
  • ETL Orchestration
  • Scheduling​
  • Disaster Recovery​
  • Operational support​
  • Machine Learning​
  • Security​
  • API Support​


Reduce cost​
  • Re-Platform from IaaS to PaaS​
  • SAP Downgrade​
  • Power BI
Quick and easy access to common Data lake​
  • Data Scientist, Analyst, Operations and Business Teams​

Quick On Demand scaling​

Kick started ML initiatives

Ingested unstructured data

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