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Case Study
Successful Cloud Migration Enables Cost Reduction and Performance Optimization for Client’s Application Stack.

Successful Cloud Migration Enables Cost Reduction and Performance Optimization for Client's Application Stack.


This case study focuses on a client with a complex application stack consisting of 26 different applications hosted on individual Oracle databases. However, maintaining the on-premises development and testing instances proved to be cumbersome and expensive. The client sought a solution to migrate their non-production environment to the cloud.


The client faced challenges in managing the infrastructure costs associated with maintaining the on-premises development and testing instances. The individual Oracle databases increased complexity and ownership costs. The client needed to optimize their infrastructure and reduce expenses.


To address the client’s challenges, a solution was proposed in partnership with AWS. The following steps were taken to migrate the non-production environment to the cloud:

S3 drive setup: Production databases were copied from on-premises to AWS using an S3 drive, enabling secure and efficient data transfer.

Oracle database and application stack configuration: Oracle databases and the associated application stack were set up and configured within the AWS cloud environment to ensure seamless functionality.

Defined end-to-end process: A comprehensive process was established to regularly refresh AWS databases with copies of the on-premises production databases, maintaining up-to-date non-production environments on AWS.


The implemented solution yielded positive outcomes for the client:

Leveraging puppet scripts and automation: Puppet scripts and automation simplified the provisioning of new instances on AWS, streamlining environment setup and management.

Auto-scaling feature of AWS: Utilizing AWS’s auto-scaling feature ensured optimal performance by dynamically adjusting resources based on demand, enhancing application responsiveness.

Reduced cost of ownership: Migrating the non-production environment to the cloud significantly reduced infrastructure costs, providing cost savings and a flexible cost model.


The successful migration of the client’s non-production environment to the cloud using AWS offered a cost-effective and efficient solution. The client benefited from simplified environment management, optimal performance through auto-scaling, and reduced ownership costs. By embracing the cloud, the client achieved their goals of optimizing infrastructure and reducing expenses.

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