Case Study
Streamlining Infrastructure with Automation

Streamlining Infrastructure with Automation


The company encountered challenges in managing and scaling its cloud infrastructure due to a lack of automation, resulting in slow deployments and inefficient resource allocation. Their ability to deliver software updates rapidly and reliably was hindered by the absence of a standardized Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline. CI/CD automates the process of integrating code changes, testing them, and deploying them to production environments, ensuring timely and efficient software updates. By implementing a standardized CI/CD pipeline, the company can address these challenges, enabling quicker and consistent deployments, early detection of issues, and enhanced scalability and operational effectiveness in managing their cloud infrastructure.


The proposed solution used cloud services to automate different stacks (Dev, QA, UAT). Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) methodologies were implemented with tools like Bamboo or Jenkins. Agile methodology was adopted for CI/CD. Monitoring and notifications were integrated, and infrastructure was managed using configuration management tools. Containerization solutions were implemented.


  • Provisioning and orchestration of stacks (DEV, UAT, QA) using AWS services.
  • Adoption of Atlassian tools (JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, Stash, Fisheye/Crucible) for Agile and CI/CD processes.
  • Integration of Git repository with Atlassian tools for build and release management.
  • Implementation of monitoring and notifications using Datadog and PagerDuty.
  • Integration of Bamboo with AWS for builds and continuous deployment.
  • Containerization of applications using Docker.


Through the implementation of automation, the company achieved streamlined infrastructure management, efficient CI/CD pipelines, and improved software delivery practices. Automation, Agile methodologies, and integration of advanced tools resulted in faster deployments, increased productivity, and reduced operational overhead. The solution provided the company with a scalable and efficient infrastructure in the cloud, facilitating future growth and innovation.

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