Case Study
Security-Driven Modernization of Desktop Computing Environment for a Leading Investment Firm

Security-Driven Modernization of Desktop Computing Environment for a Leading Investment Firm


A leading investment firm recognized the need to modernize its desktop computing environment to leverage the latest Microsoft Technology stack. The company aimed to prioritize productivity and security, as these factors were crucial for ensuring effective business operations. Additionally, with the growing demand for mobility, the firm required a solution that would facilitate secure access and data exchange for employees and counterparties. 

Proposed Solution

  • To address the challenges and goals of the investment firm, the project was divided into several phases: Assessment, Design, and Build. This approach allowed for a careful evaluation of technologies that aligned with business requirements, efficiency, and security objectives, creating a new Modern Workplace.
  • A thorough review of Microsoft Modern Workplace technologies was conducted during the Assessment Phase. The objective was to match these technologies with the specific business requirements. By understanding the technological needs, a well-defined design could be developed to effectively enable a Modern Workplace that catered to the firm's requirements.
  • The Design and Planning Phase focused on optimizing the user experience of the Microsoft Modern Workplace technologies. The primary objective was to design a solution that maximized productivity and efficiency while ensuring robust security measures. This phase was vital in guaranteeing a successful implementation within the designated timeline and budget.
  • The Build Phase involved the actual construction of the technology infrastructure according to the design specifications. The result was a functional Windows 10 Solution encompassing Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite. This solution served as a model office that could be deployed throughout the entire company.


By implementing the modernization project, the investment firm achieved several significant results. The adoption of the latest Microsoft Technology stack empowered employees with advanced tools and features, enhancing their productivity. The emphasis on security measures ensured a secure working environment for internal and external users. The inclusion of mobility solutions facilitated seamless access and secure data exchange, enabling the growing mobile workforce to operate efficiently. Overall, the investment firm experienced improved operational efficiency and strengthened its competitive position.


The investment firm successfully tackled the challenge of modernizing its desktop computing environment through a carefully planned project. By assessing, designing, and building a solution based on the latest Microsoft Technology stack, the company achieved its objectives of productivity enhancement, security reinforcement, and seamless mobility. The project’s success highlights the importance of aligning technology choices with business requirements and prioritizing user experience. With a modernized desktop environment, the investment firm is well-equipped to navigate the ever-evolving financial industry landscape.

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