Case Study
SAP Modernization and Streamlined Operations for Leading Semiconductor Supplier

SAP Modernization and Streamlined Operations for Leading Semiconductor Supplier.


The Client required subject matter experts who could contribute their knowledge and skills to ensure that the next-generation Cloud Management Software would meet the planned objectives. They needed assistance in developing the product to ensure it performed as intended within an aggressive Agile development model.

Proposed Solution

To address these challenges, People Tech proposed the following solution:

1. Building a New SAP Landscape: We aimed to consolidate and integrate all standalone SAP instances onto a new, secure, and scalable platform. This new architecture would align with the client’s business strategies.

2. Building a Consolidated Reporting Structure: Leveraging the new SAP landscape, we aimed to establish a standardized External Segment and Management reporting structure. This structure would enhance data availability, supporting improved business processes and decision-making.

3. Cost Optimization: We implemented Azure Cost Optimization practices to reduce and manage infrastructure spending while accommodating the company’s continuous expansion.

The solution involved building a new SAP landscape on Microsoft Azure, encompassing development, quality assurance (QA), and production environments. The key components of the solution included:

  • SAP S4 application
  • HANA as the database
  • SAP version 1909 (latest at the time)
  • Group Reporting
  • FIORI applications for enhanced user experience
  • SAP Solution Manager, incorporating Change Request Management (ChaRM) and Technical Monitoring.

The solution was designed with a 3-tier architecture comprising 6x Application Servers and 5x Database Servers. It incorporated the following features:

  • Azure Cost Optimization practices
  • Network, operating system, and application security
  • Scalability for the database
  • Embedded FIORI with an integrated gateway
  • Highly available solution configuration
  • Integrated web dispatcher with S4 HANA system
  • Adobe Document Services (ADS)
  • SAP Router


The implementation of the new SAP landscape on Microsoft Azure brought significant benefits. The company achieved the following results:

1. Modernized SAP Applications: The upgraded SAP applications aligned with the evolving business strategies, enabling Cabot Microelectronics to leverage the latest features and functionalities.

2. Enhanced Reporting Structure: The consolidated reporting structure facilitated standardized reporting across the organization, providing improved visibility and data-driven decision-making.

3. Cost Optimization: The implementation of Azure Cost Optimization practices resulted in reduced infrastructure spending while accommodating business expansion.

4. Optimized Business Processes: Identifying and resolving gaps in business processes led to better management of the applications and streamlined operations.

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