Coe-Addetinal alliance Salesforce Case Studies-Rich's Foods - Unified Q2C and Tax Compliance Process
Case Study
Rich’s Foods – Unified Q2C and Tax Compliance Process

Rich's Foods - Unified Q2C and Tax Compliance Process

Rich’s Foods and its subsidiaries faced challenges with their Quote to Cash (Q2C) process due to different systems and processes, resulting in operational delays and impacting the core business. To address this, Rich’s Foods sought to consolidate systems and processes as part of their digital transformation initiative. They engaged People Tech to provide a solution and implementation.


  • Disparate systems and processes led to operational delays in the Quote to Cash process.
  • Lack of consolidation hindered the efficiency and effectiveness of core business operations.
  • The absence of a unified platform caused difficulties in managing and tracking sales quotes, orders, and invoices.
  • Tax compliance was not integrated into the Q2C process, leading to potential issues and manual workarounds.
  • The absence of automation in the core sales process resulted in reduced productivity for the sales team.


  • People Tech proposed implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud, CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote), and Billing as a Unified Platform to streamline the Quote to Cash Process.
  • The technical team customized the Sales Quote, Order, and Invoice process, creating a well-defined and unique execution flow for each subsidiary.
  • People Tech also established a centralized product master setup in CPQ to consolidate a large catalog of 10,000+ products and parts.
  • Tax compliance was integrated into the entire Q2C process by connecting Salesforce Sales Cloud with Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Cloud's Indirect Taxation Service using Tax connector software.
  • Hyper Automation was introduced to automate core sales processes, further enhancing the unified system.


The implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud and ONESOURCE as a unified solution yielded the following results for Rich’s Foods:
  • Reduction in turnaround time: The Quote process time decreased from several days to just 10 minutes, significantly improving operational efficiency.
  • Unified product catalog: A large catalog of 10,000+ products and parts was consolidated, providing secure and streamlined access.
  • Automation and streamlining: 17+ core work processes were automated and streamlined, resulting in a 200% increase in sales team productivity.
  • B2B Commerce during the pandemic: The adoption of Sales Cloud enabled Rich's Foods to facilitate B2B Commerce, allowing distributors to place orders easily even during challenging times.
By implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud, CPQ, and Billing, and integrating tax compliance into the Q2C process, Rich’s Foods achieved significant improvements in efficiency, productivity, and customer service, supporting their overall digital transformation goals.

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