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Prophecy – AI/ML-based Demand Forecasting Engine

Prophecy - AI/ML-based Demand Forecasting Engine


Prophecy is an AI/ML-based Demand Forecasting framework that revolutionizes the prediction of time series data. With its user-friendly SaaS platform, businesses can effortlessly generate accurate forecasts without requiring expertise in Machine Learning or Statistics. By leveraging advanced machine learning models, Prophecy provides real-time insights, adapts to customer behavior and changing trends, and prevents revenue loss due to inventory mismanagement.


Existing demand forecasting solutions lack the ability to account for customer behavior and rapidly changing trends. Manual estimation processes result in inaccurate forecasts, leading to overstocking or understocking of inventory and revenue loss.


Prophecy offers a comprehensive solution through the following features:
One Click Deployment & Multi Cloud Support: Hassle-free deployment and compatibility with multiple cloud platforms ensure ease of use and accessibility. Optimized Customization: Prioritize time, cost, or accuracy to meet specific business requirements and align forecasting models accordingly. Automatic Data Pre-processing and Quality Checks: Streamlined data preparation through automated pre-processing tasks and thorough quality checks, ensuring accurate forecasts. Intelligent Domain-specific Feature Engineering: Tailored feature engineering techniques capture domain-specific patterns and trends, enhancing prediction accuracy. Automated ML Model Selection and Hyperparameter Tuning: Automatic identification of suitable machine learning algorithms and optimization of model performance through hyperparameter tuning.


Prophecy has demonstrated impressive results:
50% Faster than the competition: Swift generation of forecasts enables prompt decision-making.

15% More Accurate than the leading competitor: Improved accuracy minimizes inventory mismanagement and maximizes revenue.

50% Cheaper than the competition: Affordable pricing at $0.30 per 1000 forecasts makes Prophecy a cost-effective choice.


Prophecy’s AI/ML-based Demand Forecasting Engine empowers businesses to predict demand accurately, adapt to customer behavior and market trends, and prevent inventory mismanagement. With its speed, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness, Prophecy is a powerful tool for optimizing business operations and maximizing revenue.

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