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PeopleTech’s Partnership with Microsoft for MCIO CE

PeopleTech's Partnership with Microsoft for MCIO CE


MCIO, responsible for ensuring Datacenter operations aligned with Microsoft’s corporate policies, sought expert assistance to manage critical aspects of CE operations. The complexity involved in overseeing the datacenter and infrastructure posed significant challenges, prompting the search for a reliable vendor.


PeopleTech collaborated with Microsoft, offering comprehensive solutions for Operations Management, Infrastructure Management, and Application Support in MCIO CE. Key solutions provided by PeopleTech included:
Change Management Process: Efficiently handled critical change requests, ensuring smooth change management procedures. Network Setup and

Troubleshooting: Addressed network setup issues and provided guidance on network cabling, switches, and routers. Managed hardware orders for application deployments.

Cluster Setup and Deployment: Undertook cluster setup, configuration, deployment, and monitoring. Designed innovative solutions to enhance architecture and successfully migrated applications to Clusters and VMs. Managed VM configurations, deployments, backup, and maintenance using DPM.

Project Management: Oversaw resource allocation and activity tracking, ensuring seamless project execution.


The collaboration between PeopleTech and Microsoft yielded significant outcomes:
24×7 Support: PeopleTech provided uninterrupted support, ensuring seamless operations within the MCIO CE environment.

Reduced Resolution Time: Efficient handling of critical change requests, network issues, and cluster deployments led to faster issue resolution.

Highly Scalable Solutions: Implemented solutions that could scale effectively, accommodating evolving needs within MCIO CE.

Reduction in New Issues: Proactive measures and comprehensive support from PeopleTech resulted in a noticeable decrease in new issues.
By partnering with PeopleTech, Microsoft effectively tackled the challenges of managing Critical Environment operations in their Cloud Datacenters. PeopleTech’s expertise in Operations Management, Infrastructure Management, and Application Support played a pivotal role in providing effective solutions.

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