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Microsoft – Rewards & Promotions
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Microsoft - Rewards & Promotions

Microsoft, a leading technology company, faced challenges with its employee reward and promotion systems. The existing independent applications for rewards, promotions, and special awards resulted in inefficiencies due to the need to maintain information across multiple platforms. To address this issue, Microsoft aimed to develop a single application accessible to all employees, including those with visual impairments.


  • Multiple applications for rewards, promotions, and special awards leading to reduced resource efficiency.
  • Lack of a unified platform for managing employee rewards and promotions.
  • Inaccessibility for visually challenged users.


  • Participated in analysis and design of existing applications
  • Developed a streamlined application to modernize and consolidate multiple HR systems dedicated to rewarding Microsoft employees.
  • Conducted assessments of all web pages according to Microsoft Accessibility Standards (MAS) specified by the client.
  • Reported the assessment findings to the Accessibility Development team.
  • Implemented accessibility fixes based on the assessment report to ensure compliance with accessibility standards.
  • Created a cloud-driven solution for the rewards and promotions portal.


  • Consolidation of applications, eliminating the need for maintaining information on multiple platforms.
  • Achieved accessibility compliance, ensuring the portal can be used by visually challenged users
  • Introduced a single portal for rewards and promotions, streamlining the process for employees.
  • Implemented a cloud-driven solution, providing scalability and flexibility for future enhancements.
By consolidating the multiple applications for rewards and promotions into a single accessible portal, Microsoft successfully addressed the efficiency and accessibility challenges it faced. The new solution not only streamlined the process for employees but also ensured compliance with accessibility standards. With a cloud-driven approach, Microsoft established a scalable platform for future enhancements.

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