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Microsoft Global Resource Management – One Profile
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Microsoft Global Resource Management – One Profile

Microsoft faced challenges with fragmented resource pools and the associated tools for managing these resources. The Global Resource Management (GRM) program aimed to consolidate these resource pools into a single global domain, along with necessary tooling changes. The key objectives of GRM were to improve user experience, streamline request creation for various demands, automate information retrieval from dependent systems, and create a non-integrated project on the GRM dashboard.


  • Splintered resource pools requiring consolidation into a single global domain.
  • Need for improved user experience in creating GRM projects and requests.
  • Multiple demands necessitating a unified point for request creation.
  • Dependency on external systems (Compass and MSX) for information retrieval and request creation.
  • Lack of a non-integrated project on the GRM dashboard.


  • Designed user experience for GRM - One Profile.
  • Developed UI web pages for implementation.
  • Reviewed user experience designs to identify implementation challenges and build responsive web solutions.
  • Conducted assessments of all web pages to ensure compliance with Microsoft Accessibility Standards (MAS).
  • Implemented accessibility fixes based on the assessment report to achieve compliance.
  • Integrated designs with the middle tier using stubs initially and later with actual components for data binding.


  • Consolidation of applications, leading to a single portal for skill assessment, skill management, profile management, global employee management, and admin/user role pages.
  • Achieved accessibility compliance, making the web pages accessible to all users.
  • Streamlined request creation process for different demands, simplifying the user experience.
  • Automated retrieval of information from dependent systems, reducing manual efforts
  • Added a non-integrated project on the GRM dashboard, providing a comprehensive view of projects.

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