Case Study
Microsoft – EPS Apps
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Microsoft - EPS Apps

Microsoft sought to enhance partner engagement and participation through the development of Apps. People Tech was enlisted to create an accessible portal, adhering to Microsoft Accessibility Standards (MAS), including ADA and Section 508 compliance.


  • Existence of independent modules (IT Authorize-EP, Self-Serve, and Tracking) for partner engagement.
  • The need to create Apps for partners to effectively participate and utilize Microsoft products.
  • Requirement to ensure accessibility compliance as per MAS rules.


  • Participation in analysis and design of existing applications.
  • Assessing all web pages to meet MAS accessibility rules.
  • Reporting the assessment findings to the Accessibility Development team.
  • Implementing necessary accessibility fixes based on the assessment report.


  • Increased usability of the EPS Apps portal.
  • Achieved accessibility compliance according to MAS standards.
  • Implementation of responsive web design for optimal user experience.
By partnering with People Tech, Microsoft successfully addressed the challenge of enhancing partner engagement and participation. The development of EPS Apps provided an accessible platform for partners to actively engage and leverage Microsoft products. The solution resulted in increased usability, adherence to accessibility standards, and a responsive web design for an improved user experience.

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