Case Study
Lucid Motors – DMSCCS

Lucid Motors - DMSCCS


Lucid Motors, a leading electric vehicle manufacturer, faced challenges meeting their Service Center and Field Repair requirements. As a result, they sought a comprehensive solution to streamline their service operations and enhance customer experience.


Lucid Motors needed a solution to address their Service Center and Field Repair requirements. They aimed to leverage Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Field Service to optimize core business processes such as:
  • Service Write-Up
  • Service Dispatch
  • Perform Service
  • Complete Service & Delivery Prep
  • Delivery of Serviced Vehicle
  • Over the Counter Part Sales
  • Approved Body Shop Part Sales
  • Pre-Delivery Inspections


To address Lucid Motors’ challenges, People Tech devised an enhanced system to support their Service operations. The project was divided into two phases, with multiple deliveries and releases. The solution encompassed the following key aspects:
  • Enhanced Processes: The Service modules' processes were improved by customizing Salesforce workflows and functionality. Additionally, Salesforce Community and Digital Engagement modules were leveraged to enhance customer engagement and interaction.
  • Fully Integrated Systems: To improve the customer experience, the Service applications were integrated with Lucid's web, mobile, and in-vehicle experiences. This integration facilitated seamless interactions and provided customers convenient access to service-related information. Furthermore, payment services were implemented to streamline transactions, and integration with Lucid's service tool and JIRA enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Localization: Considering Lucid Motors' global rollout plans, the Service applications were localized to cater to specific regional requirements. The initial focus areas for localization were Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Europe, aligning with Lucid's expansion strategies.


The implementation of the solution yielded the following outcomes:
  • Best-in-class Service and Field Service process support: Lucid Motors successfully implemented a state-of-the-art Service and Field Service solution, efficiently managing customer service requests and field repairs. In addition, the streamlined processes enhanced overall operational efficiency.
  • Improved customer experience: Integration of the Service applications with Lucid's web, mobile, and in-vehicle experiences significantly improved the customer experience. Customers gained seamless access to service-related information and enjoyed convenient payment services, resulting in heightened satisfaction.
Lucid Motors partnered with People Tech to address their Service Center and Field Repair requirements. By implementing Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Field Service, Lucid Motors achieved best-in-class service processes, improved customer experience, and paved the way for global expansion.

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