Improve Customer experience Using ServiceNow & RPA

Business Problem

Helpdesk struggling to keep up with large volume of customer requests and not able to provide prompt ticket closure process for sales logistics and delivery system.​

Manual updates resulted in errors with customer deliveries​


Phase 1

Assessed existing process, designed To-Be process and created PDD (Process Definition Document); As part of PDD process identified all technical toolsets (SAP, ServiceNow, Browser, Excel, Pdf, and Mail) being used and identified the integration points​

Phase 2

Developed reusable module in UiPath to read ServiceNow tickets and perform processes in SAP Developed Bots that perform the Delivery Detail updates Leveraged UiPath Orchestrator Queues to enable​


Improved speed by 10 to 20 times of customer deliveries

95% of reduction in errors in automation

Higher productivity & employee morale resulting from automation of repetitive tasks.

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