Retail Industry: Fraud Detection System
Retail Industry: Fraud Detection System


Hawaiian Telcom is the primary provider of comprehensive communications and entertainment services, solutions, and products in Hawaii. With its headquarters based in Honolulu, Hawaiian Telcom is the prominent integrated communications provider for both residential and business customers in the region.

Hawaiian Telcom partnered with Microsoft – OCP and People Tech to develop machine learning model focused on online retail fraud detection to identify and prevent fraudulent purchase transactions.

The company wanted of continuous detection of fraudulent purchase transactions to protect online retailers while leveraging their hybrid architecture involving Hybrid Azure Stack and Azure Cloud.


Initial data was merged into the “Untagged_Transactions_Account” table, and transactions were tagged using the “Fraud” table to determine if a transaction is fraudulent or not.

Address mismatch flags, high amount transactions, and other relevant features were identified and binary indicators were created based on historical information.

With 32 fraudulent scenarios identified in the historical dataset, a continuous fraud detection system was implemented using a hybrid architecture of Azure Cloud and Azure Stack.


Streamlined loan approval process: The implementation of the machine learning solution automated the claims process for approximately 82% of Hawaiian Telcom’s customers, improving operational efficiency.

Enhanced risk assessment: Accurate credit risk assessment allowed Hawaiian Telcom to make informed decisions on loan approvals, mitigating the risk of default and improving overall portfolio performance.

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