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Business Problem

Expedia - Increase Diversity & Improve Data Quality​

  • Expedia needed an AI partner that could build Machine Learning models using their HR data combine with outside world dataset.​
  • Expedia wants to increase Gender diversity at organizational level on each department and on each job profile.​
  • Expedia wants to identify attracted candidates by Age on each job profile​

Expedia - Increase Diversity & Improve Data Quality​

  • Expedia-Recruitment team wants to improve their recruiting KPIs.​
  • They saw and opportunity to potentially use AI to improve the hiring rate of their pipeline of candidates.​
  • PeopleTech suggested we could identify different ways to make use of runner-up candidates.​


PeopleTech has developed HCM data model integrated with Recruitment in HRDW and candidate / employee relationship​

HR data is collected from many different apps and data sources around the globe. Hence, it has ~23% missing / incorrect data.​

PeopleTech identified strong signal data features for each use cases. EDA revealed many important insights and patterns about the dataset.​

PeopleTech consumed Census (around the globe), LinkedIn and other open datasets, which helped to achieve the best prediction.​

Deep Learning Algorithms (RNN, LSTM) and Tensor Flow were used for development​

PeopleTech team identified important data elements from HR, Recruitment and Engineering Projects​


Expedia – Increase Diversity & Improve Data Quality​

  • Exploratory Data Analysis revealed many important insights and patterns on the combined dataset
  • Successfully achieved over 92% Accuracy in key use cases which surpassed expectations. The resulting clean dataset was utilized to drive diversity initiatives

Expedia – Recommendation System​

  • Deep Reinforcement learning helped to achieve ~91% confidence level over a period​

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