Case Study
Enhancing Patient Safety and Security: VMMC Implements a Dedicated PSA Site for Incident Management

Enhancing Patient Safety and Security: VMMC Implements a Dedicated PSA Site for Incident Management


VMMC (Virtual Medical Center) aimed to enhance patient safety and improve the quality of care provided. To achieve this goal, they recognized the need to develop a Patient Safety Alert (PSA) site that could effectively identify and report incidents occurring within VMMC. People Tech was entrusted with the task of building a SharePoint site for VMMC, which would capture relevant incident information and classify it as an alert (PSA) based on the severity of the incident. The subsequent actions taken would depend on whether the alert was categorized as RED, ORANGE, or YELLOW.

Proposed Solution

To address the problem at hand, the following solution was implemented:
  • Dedicated Site for Each PSA: A separate site was allocated for each PSA, ensuring that all relevant information and tasks were centralized within a specific Site Collection.
  • Site-Level Security: Given the importance of PSA, security measures were implemented at the site level, prioritizing the protection of sensitive information and maintaining confidentiality.
  • Centralized PSA Lists: All lists associated with PSA, including incident details and related items, were consolidated under the PSA site. This approach facilitated streamlined data management and ease of access.
  • The Build Phase involved the actual construction of the technology infrastructure according to the design specifications. The result was a functional Windows 10 Solution encompassing Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite. This solution served as a model office that could be deployed throughout the entire company.


The implementation of the PSA site and its associated features yielded the following outcomes:
  • Consolidated Collaborative Platform: The PSA site successfully brought together all PSA-related elements onto a single collaborative platform, enabling effective communication and coordination among stakeholders involved in incident management.
  • Independent Ground for PSA: With the dedicated PSA site, PSA-related entities now had a designated space, ensuring their autonomy and distinctiveness within the broader VMMC system.
  • Enhanced Security and Privacy: By implementing site-level security measures, the PSA site provided a secure and private environment, safeguarding sensitive information and protecting patient confidentiality.
  • Direct Access to PSA Items: All items within the PSA site were designed to be independent and easily accessible, allowing users to directly access the relevant information and tasks associated with each PSA.
  • User-Specific Access: The system granted users the ability to view and access only those items that were specific to their roles and responsibilities, ensuring data privacy and adherence to access control protocols.


The introduction of the VMMC Patient Safety Alert (PSA) site, developed by People Tech, has significantly improved patient safety and the quality of care within VMMC. By centralizing incident reporting and categorization, the PSA site has created a secure and collaborative platform where stakeholders can efficiently manage and address incidents. The implementation of dedicated sites, site-level security, and user-specific access has further enhanced the effectiveness of the PSA system, enabling swift and appropriate actions to be taken in response to incidents. Overall, the PSA site has successfully met the objectives of improving patient safety and ensuring the delivery of high-quality care within VMMC.

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