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Liberty - AI-Powered HR Helpdesk for Efficient Employee Support


Liberty, the AI-powered HR Helpdesk, is designed to provide seamless information and support to employees and clients of PeopleTech. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), Liberty offers a conversational experience that mimics real human interactions. The primary objective is to reduce overhead costs associated with HR or support staff while delivering efficient and accurate assistance.


Companies often face the challenge of managing a high volume of employee inquiries and information requests. This can strain HR resources and hinder productivity. Therefore, a solution was needed to streamline employee support and reduce the workload for HR staff.


Liberty, the intelligent chatbot, offers the following features to address the problem:
Intent Detection: Liberty utilizes advanced algorithms to understand the intentions behind employee queries accurately. This enables it to provide relevant and precise responses.

Natural Language Understanding: The chatbot leverages NLP techniques to comprehend and interpret natural language queries, enhancing its ability to engage in meaningful conversations with employees.

Auto Query Correction: Liberty automatically corrects any query mistakes or spelling errors made by employees, ensuring accurate understanding and prompt responses.

Entity Augmentation: The chatbot employs entity augmentation techniques to enrich its knowledge base, enabling it to provide comprehensive information on various topics.

Combined AI Models: Liberty combines in-house AI models with Google’s Dialog Flow to leverage the strengths of both systems, ensuring a robust and efficient conversational experience.

Increased Knowledge Base: Over time, Liberty continuously learns and expands its knowledge base, enabling it to address a wide range of employee inquiries and provide comprehensive information.


Implementing Liberty, the AI-powered HR Helpdesk, has yielded significant results:
Reduced HR Overhead: Liberty is available 24/7 on the company’s website, allowing employees to access information and resolve queries independently, thereby reducing the workload on HR staff.

Efficient Handling of Employee Questions: Liberty has successfully tackled approximately 83% of HR, sales, and marketing-related questions, providing prompt and accurate responses.


Liberty, the AI-powered HR Helpdesk, revolutionizes employee support by offering a conversational experience through AI and NLP technologies. By accurately understanding employee inquiries and providing prompt responses, Liberty reduces the overhead on HR staff and enhances productivity. With its comprehensive knowledge base and efficient handling of employee questions, Liberty empowers companies to provide effective support to their employees while optimizing resource allocation.

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