Design, Implement, and Deploy Windows 10 for DFA

Business Problem

DFA was running Windows 7 across the companies roughly 1500 devices. Windows 7 has an end of life date in the year 2020. Many hardware manufacturers are building desktops and laptops with hardware that will not support Windows 7, so companies aren’t able to utilize the better performing hardware on Windows 7. Also, being an investment firm, the rich security features of Windows 10 was a major driver to start the journey to Windows 10.


PeopleTech took the discovery data and began working on the requirements for DFA in regard to Windows 10. These items included Productivity and User Experience, Hardware, Security, Management and deployment, Windows fundamentals, Analytics and servicing support, Universal applications, and applications in general.​

Once the requirements were identified, the design workshops began. Over the next five days with multiple teams and resources, PeopleTech and DFA were able to design a complete and robust solution to ensure DFA was successful for years to come.


DFA was also able to reduce their average imaging time from 6 hours to 2. PeopleTech significantly reduced the number of manual tasks that imaging techs are required to complete, as well as improved handling of common scenarios that would cause failures in their previous process.​

With the implementation of Windows 10 and the robust security tools, DFA is in a great position to eliminate the costly migrations from what used to be Windows 7, and upgrade with Windows 10 in a more cost-efficient manner.

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