Cloud Migration for a Payroll Service Company

Business Problem

The client core application stack consists of 26 difference applications hosted on individual Oracle databases​

The HR and EDW databases were sized 1.3TB and all others are average 500GBs.​

Initiative was planned to move development and test systems to move from on-premises to AWS cloud.


Leveraging our partnership with AWS, we created stand alone AWS account for client​

Setup and configured VPN for Development and Support team to access AWS environments locally​

Setup S3 drive to ship copy of production databases from on-premises to AWS​

Setup and configured Oracle databases as well as application stack​

Defined end to end process to refresh AWS databases from copy of on-premise production databases​


Leveraging puppet scripts and automation to spin off new environment on AWS at ease​

Auto-scaling resources on AWS resulted in optimal use of resources and cost efficiency​

Reduced cost of ownership.​

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