Azure data lake integration AccuWeather

Business Problem

The Client was interested in aggregating large amounts of Data from disparate systems into a single Azure Data Lake. The Data Lake would provide analysis across datasets and systems to provide the ability to perform more accurate marketing of Internet Advertising based on the data analytics.


FyrSoft worked with the client and reviewed all the Systems and Data sources that would represent the overall Data Architecture of the environment. Based on the data analysis, FyrSoft worked with the customer to determine business goals and determine what are the right questions to ask to enable the best usage of the data for advertising.

Once the requirements and outcomes were decided the project was off to a great start. The Data and Development harvested Tera Bytes of data from all platforms including Google, SQL Server, Oracle, and Amazon into a centralized Azure Data Lake.

Once the data was imported into the system, the architecture was implemented, and the machine learning capabilities started to provide useful analysis of the data that provided predictions in near real-time of the weather forecasts. The data provided the ability to do more real-time advertising to consumers regionally based on predicted weather patterns from the aggregation of data sources and machine learning capability.

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