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Case Study
Application Migration to AWS Cloud: Enhancing Scalability and Efficiency

Application Migration to AWS Cloud: Enhancing Scalability and Efficiency


This case study focuses on a client with a complex application stack consisting of 26 different applications hosted on individual Oracle databases. However, maintaining the on-premises development and testing instances proved to be cumbersome and expensive. The client sought a solution to migrate their non-production environment to the cloud.


The company’s application built using C/C++, Java, PERL, and a .NET wrapper, struggled to meet growing business needs. Deployment on Solaris servers and managing multiple data centers limited scalability and diverted focus from core operations.


To address the challenges, the following steps were taken:

Analysis and Understanding:A thorough analysis of the application architecture was conducted to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

Migration to Scalable Cloud: The application was migrated to the AWS cloud to leverage its scalability and hosting services.

Recompilation and Issue Resolution: The application was recompiled in a Linux environment, resolving compatibility issues and ensuring optimal performance.

Custom Migration Tools: Custom tools were developed to streamline the migration of code and data to the Linux environment, facilitating a smooth transition.


The solution yielded the following outcomes:

Successful Porting to Linux: The application was effectively ported to a Linux environment, improving performance and compatibility.

Data and Tools Migration: 17 TB of data and all data publishing tools were successfully migrated to the AWS cloud, enhancing efficiency and accessibility.

Test Automation Suite: A robust test automation suite with over 600 test cases was developed, enabling efficient testing and quality assurance.

Compilation and Performance Enhancements: 74 components were compiled successfully on RHEL 7.3 Linux, resulting in smoother operation and a 75% improvement in login, search, and PDF download processes.

Reduced Infrastructure and Maintenance Costs: Migrating to the AWS cloud and consolidating data centers led to significant reductions in infrastructure and maintenance costs, allowing for more efficient resource allocation.


The migration of the application from Solaris servers to the AWS cloud, along with recompilation and issue resolution in a Linux environment, delivered substantial benefits. The improved scalability, performance enhancements, test automation suite, and cost reductions showcased the efficiency of the implemented solution. This case study emphasizes the value of cloud technology in meeting business needs, optimizing operations, and enabling organizations to focus on their core objectives.

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