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Advocate HealthCare – Tablet for Patient Application
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Advocate HealthCare - Tablet for Patient Application

Advocate HealthCare, a prominent healthcare provider in the Chicago area, aimed to offer a personalized and differentiated patient information delivery capability. To achieve this, Microsoft collaborated with PeopleTech to develop the Tablet for Patient application. The application’s objectives were to provide patients with easy access to information, enable communication and interaction through a patient portal, direct traffic to the institution’s existing online content and tools, retain patients within the network for additional services, and support the establishment of lifelong healthcare relationships.


  • Limited patient access to personalized information.
  • Lack of a dedicated platform for patient communication and interaction.
  • Inefficient utilization of the institution's existing internet content and tools.
  • Risk of patients seeking services outside the network.


  • Developed the Tablet for Patient application to deliver information directly to patients, both online and offline.
  • Created a patient portal within the application for seamless communication and interaction.
  • Implemented features to drive traffic to the institution's existing internet content and tools, enhancing patient engagement.
  • Designed strategies to keep patients in-network for additional services, increasing retention rates.
  • Focused on fostering long-term healthcare relationships by providing personalized experiences and ongoing support.


  • Empowered patients by placing information directly in their hands through the Tablet for Patient application.
  • Established a patient portal that facilitated communication and interaction, improving patient engagement.
  • Successfully directed traffic to the institution's existing internet content and tools, optimizing resource utilization.
  • Increased patient retention within the network by offering additional services and personalized experiences.
  • Supported the development of lifelong healthcare relationships through ongoing support and tailored care.
Through the development of the Tablet for Patient application, Advocate HealthCare and Microsoft addressed the challenges of personalized patient information delivery. The application’s implementation resulted in improved access to information, enhanced patient communication and interaction, optimized resource utilization, increased patient retention, and the establishment of long-term healthcare relationships. The collaboration between Advocate HealthCare, Microsoft, and People Tech successfully provided patients with a differentiated and personalized healthcare experience.

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