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People Tech Group reorganizes into three groups: Enterprise Consulting, New Ventures and IT Staffing.

Redmond, WA – July 8, 2019

Enterprise companies recognize that they must transform to remain competitive as cloud, AI, mobile, social and IoT technology innovations shift their markets. The knowledge that they must become more nimble is driving their search for expertise with deep technical expertise of these change factors, the proficiency to innovate the solutions and the enterprise savvy to deploy them. People Tech Group has built its reputation on its ability to serve Enterprise with creative, efficient and durable solutions in this dynamic environment.

Vishwa Prasad CEO

Vishwa Prasad, CEO, People Tech Group

People Tech Group (PTG) has fostered the development of teams of specialists that have delivered successful Digital Transformation and Enterprise Automation initiatives for companies like General Motors, Microsoft, Amazon and Stanford University. In doing so, PTG has also built products that support these solutions and has developed staffing expertise to attract talent. Focusing teams of technical experts on the needs of the Enterprise requires different skills than scaling product ventures or staffing, so PTG is spinning out its enterprise consultancy from its staffing and new venture initiatives. With this reorganization, the enterprise consulting group will be positioned to aggressively expand its footprint across North America.

“Our enterprise customers recognize the value we deliver helping them deploy leading edge technologies across their organizations. These technical experts need seasoned industry veterans to lead them and to help our customers transform their products and back office systems”, says Vishwa Prasad, CEO of People Tech Group.

PTG has also created the new venture investing group, Triangulum Labs, while retaining PTG’s traditional IT Services and Staffing group. “Triangulum Labs has evolved into a full-fledged venture foundry providing early stage companies an environment that is conducive to fostering disruptive ideas and bringing them to market”, says Prasad. “Triangulum has a stable of well positioned startups that will be launching in the coming year. You will be hearing more about these exciting companies as they complete minimum viable products and move out into their markets”. This reorganization will allow Prasad to focus his energies into the emerging new venture business. Prasad will be transitioning full-time out of the consulting business and focusing on working with new ventures.

The enterprise consulting unit will be the new parent company of Ramp Group, CodeSmart and FyrSoft, companies acquired by PTG over the last several years. These brands will continue in the markets they serve but will be organized under the new management of the enterprise consulting unit.

“The enterprise consulting group will focus on automation in the enterprise”, states Prasad, “this means continuing to attract and develop deep technical expertise in advanced data technologies, artificial intelligence and user experience, while also retaining our core expertise in enterprise solutions”.

“Driving this reorganization is the desire to create additional value”, continues Prasad. “As part of this, we will be creating equity sharing structures in the form of management option pools that will be used to attract architects, solution specialists and subject matter experts, as well as the management talent needed to lead the organizations”.

About PTG: People Tech Group is a global IT Services Consultancy based in Redmond, Washington dedicated to helping our customers deploy advanced technology for competitive advantage. For more information, email

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