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People Tech Group joins the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

People Tech now provides hosting services to our clients with enterprise applications and innovative custom solutions

Using People Tech Group on Microsoft Azure, you can optimize revenue generation and customer experience with easy access to our custom build solutions.

People Tech Group has announced that the enterprise applications are extended to the cloud, while utilizing the industry best practices. It helps our clients to improve their operational efficiencies and experience the growth in a short span of time.

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is a one-stop shop for thousands of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to access premium data, applications, developer services and data pre-configured for Azure. This marketplace is designed to tie with information providers, end users and developers. People Tech clients can now have a special opportunity, flexibility and right to use our growing portfolio of service offerings for extending enterprise applications to Azure.

Our services span from Strategy and Planning, Deployment, Migration, Application Development, Integration, UI UX Development and Managed Services. We have utilized Microsoft technologies to implement industry specific solutions that are conceived and developed to provide a competitive edge to our client’s business. Since inception, People Tech has worked closely with Microsoft to provide the best available tools and support for our clients.

With the presence of People Tech in the Azure Marketplace, it is now easier for ISVs to migrate their complex multi-tenanted cloud applications to the market in a timely and cost-effective manner. People Tech works with ISVs to transform their applications to Azure. We assess and plan the transition of the application to Azure with an eye toward cost effectiveness, optimizing the ISVs return on investment.

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